Motorola GP340 Programming

Motorola GP340 ProgrammingDo you need to program your Motorola GP340? Radiotronics sells everything you need to do just that.

> Also see our Motorola GP340 Front Cover Kits

This article also applies to GP320, GP330, GP360, GP380 radios. But this article does not apply to GP640 and GP680 as, whilst they share the same accessory/programming socket, GP6xx radios require different software.

What Do I Need?

We recommend that you go for an after-market USB cable which will make your life a little easier. We’ll concentrate on that option here. But for convenience, we have put details of the genuine programming kit at the end of this article. Note: The GP340 and GP344 have different accessory and programming sockets but they use the same software.

Operating System Compatibility

We have tried and tested ENLN4115 GP Professional Series CPS on both Windows XP and Windows 7. We have also tried it with Windows 10 which also worked well (after a system restart). We’re unsure if it will work on Windows 8. If you try it and find it does work, please email us and let us know.

How To Program A GP340

Wayne Holmes is one of Motorola Solutions’ lead engineers. He has a very useful video on GP Professional Series programming.

Genuine Programming Equipment

Here’s a list of everything you’ll need to create a genuine programming kit. You’ll need a Radio Interface Box and a bunch of other things. This is a serial cable programming kit so you’ll also need a USB to RS232 Cable – which we also sell on our website (click here) for around £20+VAT.

Order Code Description Portable Mobile List Price*
3080369B72 RIB to PC RS232 Serial Cable     £53.00
RLN4008E Radio Interface Box (RIB)     £182.00
EPN4042A RIB Box Power Supply (Out of Stock)     £8.40
RKN4074B Portable Radio (GP340) Cable     £36.00
MDJMKN4123B Portable Radio (GP344) Cable £96.00
GTF374C Mobile Radio (GM340) Front Cable     £31.50
RKN4083B Mobile Radio (GM340) Rear Cable     £36.50
Firmware Upgrade Adapter
HLN9742D Firmware Upgrade Flash Adapter     £69.00

* List Price is Motorola’s published price at the time of writing this article. Please refer to our website for current prices.

Upgrade Motorola GP340 Firmware

If you’d like to upgrade the firmware in your Motorola GP340, you’ll also need a HLN9742D flash adapter which only works with the genuine RIB box (and you’ll need everything in the list above). We’ve tried firmware updates using an aftermarket RIB box, and whilst the aftermarket RB box works for programming – it did not work for firmware updates.

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Motorola GP340 Battery & Charger Guide

Motorola GP340Whilst the Motorola GP340 is now a discontinued radio, it is quite possibly the best selling two way radio of all time. And with that in mind, there are quite a few around. Finding the correct battery can be quite difficult since, over the years, Motorola have replaced many batteries and charger. The information on this page will be a good guide to which battery to choose for your Motorola GP340.

Current GP340 Batteries

These are the GP340 batteries that are currently available from Motorola and available from Radiotronics. If you have a battery with a model number not in this table, see the discontinued batteries section below which will help you find the correct replacement GP340 battery.

> You can buy Motorola GP340 batteries from our main website.

Battery Chemistry Capacity Dims (HxWxD) IMPRES FM
PMNN4151AR NiMH 1300mAh 120x52x12
PMNN4158AR Li-Ion 1500mAh 120x52x12
PMNN4157AR NiMH 2000mAh 121×55.7×22.35    
PMNN4159AR Li-Ion 2600mAh 123.30×56.86×22.35  
PMNN4455AR 2900mAh 123.40×57.4×25.52
PMNN4457AR Li-Ion (Mag One) 2050mAh 123.40×57.4×25.52

Current Single GP340 Chargers

These are the GP340 single chargers that are currently available. If you have a charger other than the ones in this table, see the discontinued models below for the correct replacement.

> You can buy Motorola GP340 chargers from our main website.

Region Non-IMPRES Model IMPRES Model Old Power Cord New Power Cord
Base Only MDHTN9000C WPLN4183A-EU None None
Europe PMLN5196B PMLN5188B EPNN9286B PS000037A01
UK PMLN5195B PMLN5188B EPNN9287B PS000037A02

Current 6-Way GP340 IMPRES Chargers

These are the GP340 6-way chargers that are currently available. If you have a 6-way GP340 charger other than the ones in this table, see the discontinued models below for the correct replacement.

Note: There is also a 12-Way GP340 Charger

> You can buy Motorola GP340 chargers from our main website.

Region Non-Display Model Display Model Power Cord
Base Only WPLN4197 WPLN4198 None
USA WPLN4187 WPLN4192 3087791G01
Europe WPLN4189 WPLN4194 3087791G04
UK WPLN4188 WPLN4193 3087791G07
Australia/New Zealand WPLN4190 WPLN4195 3087791G10
Argentina WPLN4191 WPLN4196 3087791G13
US WPLN4205 WPLN4204 3087791G01
Korea WPLN4146 WPLN4145 3087791G16

Cancelled GP340 Batteries

The following GP340 batteries have been completely cancelled by Motorola and logical replacements are shown.

Battery Description Replacement Notes
HNN9008 NiMH PMNN4151AR High-Capacity
HNN9009 PMNN4151AR Ultra-High-Capacity
HNN9010 PMNN4157AR Ultra-High-Capacity,  Factory Mutual
HNN9011 NiCd High-Capacity, Factory Mutual
HNN9012 High-Capacity
HNN9013 Li-Ion PMNN4158AR
JMNN4024 PMNN4455AR High Capacity
JMNN4025 NiMH Factory Mutual Intrinsically Safe
HNN4003BR Li-Ion PMNN4159AR IMPRES 2500mAh
PMNN4154AR NiMH PMNN4457AR Hi-Cap 2200mAh

Cancelled 6-Way Chargers

The following GP340 6-way chargers have been completely cancelled by Motorola and logical replacements are shown.

Region Charger Charge Ports Chemistry Replacement
USA MDHTN3003 Six NiCd & NiMH WPLN4187
Euro MDHTN3004 WPLN4189
HTN9005A WPLN4197
HTN9005C Tri-Chem
USA MDHTN3000 Single NiCd & NiMH PMLN5197B

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Motorola CP040 & DP1400 Battery & Charger Guide

Motorola CP040Motorola DP1400 has completely replaced the Motorola CP040 but the good news is that it shares the same batteries, chargers, antennas and almost all accessories. The only real difference is that the DP1400 is a hybrid analogue & digital radio (depending on the model you buy). Nevertheless, the batteries and chargers are the same.

Here’s the complete list of batteries and chargers for the CP040 and DP1400. Current models are shown at the top and discontinued models are shown below.

Current Batteries

This list contains all known batteries available for the CP040 & DP1400 radios.

Battery Chemistry Capacity Style Dimensions (HxWxD mm)
PMNN4251AR NiMH 1400mAh Standard 120.69 x 60.36 x 23.35
PMNN4253AR Li-Ion 1600mAh Slimline 120.94 x 60.29 x 20.61
PMNN4254AR 2300mAh Standard 120.94 x 60.36 x 23.35
PMNN4258AR 2900mAh 120.69 x 60.36 x 23.35
PMNN4259AR 2050mAh Mag One 119.37 x 60.36 x 23.35
Current Chargers

All CP040 & DP1400 batteries fit in these chargers.

Region Single Charger Multi-Charger
Pod PSU Base Lead
UK PMLN5191B PS000037A02 PMLN6600A
Europe PMLN5192B PS000037A01 PMLN6598A
Cancelled Batteries

The following CP040 batteries have been completely cancelled by Motorola and replaced as shown.

Item Description Replacement Notes
NNTN4851A NiMH PMNN4251AR Direct Replacement
NNTN4851A Li-Ion (Slim) PMNN4253AR Direct Replacement
NNTN4497 Li-Ion (High Capacity) PMNN4254AR or PMNN4258AR Direct Replacement
Cancelled Chargers

The following CP040 chargers have been cancelled by Motorola and replaced as shown.

Item Region Charge Ports Replacement
MDWPLN4140 UK Single PMLN5191B
MDWPLN4163 Six PMLN6600A
MDWPLN4139 Euro Single PMLN5192B
MDWPLN4162 Six PMLN6598A

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Vertex Standard VXR-7000 Repeater Discontinued

Vertex Standard VXR-7000

Vertex Standard (Motorola) have announced that the well known VXR-7000 repeater is to be cancelled on 30th June 2017.

Motorola have said that all orders for the Vertex Standard XVR-7000  should be placed before the 30th June 2017.

Models Discontinued

Model Code Description
A13670016-VSL VXR-7000V A EXP (CE) 136-150MHZ
A13670013 – VSL VXR – 7000V A EXP (NON CE) 136 – 150MHZ
A13670014 – VSL VXR – 7000V C EXP (CE) 150 – 174MHZ
A13670011 – VSL VXR – 7000V C EXP (NON CE) 150 – 174MHZ
A13680020 – VSL VXR – 7000U A EXP (CE) 403 – 430MHZ
A13680019 – VSL VXR – 7000U A EXP (NON CE) 403 – 430MHZ
A13680012 – VSL VXR – 7000U BS1 (CE) 420 – 450MHZ
A13680016 – VSL VXR – 7000U D EXP (CE) 450 – 480MHZ
A13680015 – VSL VXR – 7000U D EXP (NON CE) 450 – 480MHZ

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Motorola P100 Batteries & Charger Guide

Motorola P100 Single ChargerThe Motorola P100 series of two way radios are now discontinued by Motorola. However, there are still some batteries and chargers available for the series.

This covers the following radios: P140, P145, P160, P165, P180 & P185.

In the USA and some other countries the P100 series is known as the P200 series.

Current Batteries

Battery Model Chemistry Capacity Available List Price
PMNN4080AR Li-Ion 2250mAh Yes £65.00
PMNN4081BR Li-Ion 1700mAh Yes £49.00
PMNN4082BR NiMH 1400mAh Yes £25.00
PMNN4092AR NiMH (-30deg) 1400mAh Yes £30.00


Current Chargers

This list contains the only available chargers for the P100 series.

Region Model Charge Ports Available List Price
Pod Only* PMLN5228AR Single Yes £17.50
UK PMLN6599A Six Call £340.00
PMLN6164A Single Call £25.00
Euro PMLN6602A Six Call £340.00

* This is the single charger pod only and is not supplied with a PSU.

Note: The models shown as availability “Call” in this table were showing as available on Motorola’s system but low stock at the time of publishing this article.

Tip: You can “build” a 6-way charger using 6x PMLN5228AR pods and a Motorola universal step charger rack unit.

Note on List Prices: The List Price is the price Motorola publishes and is correct at the time of this article being published. Due to fluctuations in the exchange rate the prices offered by Radiotronics may vary.

Discontinued Chargers

> See our article on Motorola P100 series charger replacement.

Item Region Charge Ports Replacement
PMLN6373A UK Six PMLN6599A
PMLN6372A Euro Six PMLN6602A

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Vertex Standard EVX-S24 6-Way Charger

Vertex Standard EVX-S24 6-Way Charger
This image is copyright 2017 Radiotronics. Unauthorised use of our images will result in legal action.

A little late to the party, but here it is – the official 6-way charger (MUC)for the Vertex Standard EVX-S24 compact digital radio.

Much like other similar Motorola chargers, the EVX-S24 6-way charger allows you to charge the batteries whilst inside the radio or they can be charged on their own (but not at the same time).


  • GMLN5510A – UK plug
  • GMLN5509A – EU Plug

> You can buy the Vertex Standard EVX-S24 6-Way Charger from Radiotronics

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Motorola GP340 Front Cover Kit

Motorola GP340 Housing Kit
Motorola GP340 Front Cover Kit

One thing that is for sure about the Motorola GP340 is that it’s a rock solid radio – and the outer casing does it’s job very well protecting the radio inside. Unfortunately, this results in the outer casing getting completely battered over the years.

You can buy the GP340 Front Cover kit from our main website.

> To fit the cover, you’ll need a GP340 Case Opening Tool.

If you have a Motorola GP340 that looks a little worse for wear, then Radiotronics have a great solution. We have a great GP340 front cover kit that will make your radio appear new again!

Complete & Ready To Use

Our GP340 housing kit comes complete with internal speaker & microphone, PTT paddle, programmable button rubbers, emergency button rubber, internal control ribbon, top plate and is even supplied with a new volume control and channel switch knob.

Available In Multiple Colours

Motorola GP340 Housing (Black)
Motorola GP340 Black Cover
Motorola GP340 Cover (Blue)
Motorola GP340 Blue Cover
Motorola GP340 Front Cover (Red)
Motorola GP340 Red Cover
Motorola GP340 Front Cover (Yellow)
Motorola GP340 Yellow Cover


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Find the Correct Flex Cable for your Peltor Flex Headset

3M™ Peltor™  Flex Headsets work with many different two way radios, phones and devices. The cable that connects the Peltor headset to the radio or device is typically known as a “downlead”, “downwire” or “Flex Cable”.

See the 3M Peltor FLEX MT53H79A-77 Headband Headset with PTT & Boom Microphone at our main website.

Note: This article only applies to Peltor™  Flex Headsets

> You can also download the 3M™ Peltor™  Flex Headsets Datasheet

Flex Cable Compatibility List

Below is a complete list of flex cables available for the 3M™ Peltor™  Flex Headsets.

Downlead Code Compatible Radios
FL6U-21 Motorola GP300, CP040, Motorola 2-Pin Connector
Hytera TC-610/620, PD405, PD505, PD605, 2-Pin Connector
FL6U-28 Mobile, Dect Phone 2.5mm Stereo
FL6U-31 Icom F3, F4, etc Straight 2.5 & 3.5mm, Icom 2-Pin Connector
FL6U-32 Motorola GP340, GP360, GP380, GP640, GP680, GP Multipin Connector
FL6U-35 Icom F3G, F4G Right Angle (No Screw Connector)
FL6U-36 Kenwood 2.5 & 3.5mm, Kenwood 2-Pin
FL6U-44 Icom IC-F31/F41/F50/F51/F60/F61/M787
FL6U-61 Motorola Visar
FL6U-63 Motorola DP3400, DP3600, DP4400, DP4600, DP4800 & Enhanced Models (E)
PPN-14-0019 Motorola DP2400, DP260, DP3441, DP3661
FL6U-64 Icom F33/F43 F34/F44 Right Angle (Retaining Screws)
FL6U-65 Motorola GP344, GP328+
FL6U-66 Iphone/HTC/Samsung 3.5 mm
FL6U-67 Nokia/Sony 3,5 mm
FL6U-101 Sepura STP8000 series
FL6U-107 Kenwood TK-280, TK-380, TK-2140, TK-3140, NX-200 & NX-300
FL6U-ASDH4 Hytera PD705, PD785 Flex Cable
TAA13-T0299 Icom-F51/61
TAA22-T0299 Vertex VX-160

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Motorola CP040 Programming

Motorola CP040 Programming SoftwareAre you needing to program your Motorola CP040? Radiotronics sells everything you need to do just that.

What You Need

Operating System Compatibility

We have tried and tested the Commercial Series CPS on Windows XP and Windows 7. We’re unsure if the Commercial Series CPS works on Windows 8 or Windows 10. Please let us know if you manage to get it working on any of these newer operating systems.

Commercial Series CPS Compatibility

Commercial Series CPS is compatible with the following radios, although you will need a different programming lead for the mobile radios.

Portable Radios
  • CP040
  • CP140
  • CP160
  • CP180
  • CP200
Mobile Radios
  • CM140
  • CM160
  • CM180
  • CM340
  • CM360

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Kenwood KSC-43 TK-3201 TK-3301 & TK-3401D & TK-3501 Charger

Kenwood KSC-43Kenwood have released a new charger that is compatible with all of the TK-3201 TK-3301 & TK-3401D & TK-3501 radios, and as a potential replacement for either the KSC-31 or KSC-35/S chargers.

Kenwood seems to appreciate the confusion they caused by changing the battery and charge profile half way through the life of the TK-2202, TK3202 and TK-3201 series radios.

And in light of this they’ve released the KSC-43 which has a small adapter that can change the location of the charging pins. You simply put it one way to charge an old generation battery (KNB-30A, KNB-29N or KNB-53N) battery; and place the adapter the opposite way to charge a new generation (KNB-45L, KNB-63L or KNB-63L) battery.

You can purchase the KSC-43 charger by contacting us.

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