Motorola Launches DP1400 Digital Entry Tier Radio

Motorola have officially announced the introduction of a brand new radio to succeed the very popular Motorola CP040.

Motorola DP1400

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Analogue Only & Analogue Digital Hybrid

The DP1400 from Motorola is available in two options. There will be an analogue only version and and an analogue and digital version. However, the analogue only version can be upgraded to digital using an upgrade key which is available from us (order code is HKVN4204A).

Motorola DP1400 Models

Model Code Digital/Analogue Band Frequency
Analogue Models
MDH01JDC9JC2AN Analogue Only VHF 136-174MHz
MDH01QDC9JC2AN Analogue Only UHF 403-470MHz
Digital Models
MDH01JDC9JA2AN Digital / Analogue Hybrid VHF 136-174MHz
MDH01QDC9JA2AN Digital / Analogue Hybrid UHF 403-470MHz

Motorola CP040 Compatible Accessories

The Motorola DP1400 is designed to completely replace it’s predecessor, the CP040, and therefore shares all accessories. That means that your existing batteries, chargers, earpieces, microphones – everything you have for your CP040 will fit your new Motorola DP1400.

Also see: Motorola CP040 & DP1400 Battery & Charger Guide

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Motorola P040 & P080 Radios

Motorola P040 & P80The Motorola P040 and Motorola P080 radios are now completely discontinued by Motorola and I’ll bet you this is one of the only articles you can find on the P040 and P080 radios.

The P040 and P080 sibling radios were originally released around 1999 and were sold for quite a few years and closely resembles the GP340 (or should we say the GP340 closely resembles the P040 since the P040 is older).

Note: The P040 is not the same radio as the CP040.

Want Accessories, Batteries Chargers etc? Scroll down for available accessories.

The Motorola P040 and P080 was supplied with Antenna, PMNN4018 (NiMH) or PMNN4021 (NiCd) Battery and a regional specific charger (see charger table below).

Quick P040/P080/CP040/GP340 Comparison

Function P040 P080 CP040 GP340
Channels 4 16 4/16 16
Scan Yes Yes Yes Yes
Programmable Buttons 2 2 2 3
Repeater Talkaround Yes Yes No Yes
Emergency Button No No No Yes
Motorola Private™ Signalling Yes Yes Yes Yes
5-Tone No No No Yes
X-Pand™ Audio Yes Yes Yes Yes
VOX Yes Yes No Yes
Igress Protection IP54 IP54 IP54
FM Approved Yes Yes No Yes


Motorola P040 & P080 Downloads

Motorola P040 & P080 Programming Software

You can download the programming software for the P040 and P080 radios from our website.

Motorola P040 Diagram

Here’s a diagram which shows the functions and button layout on the P040 radio.

Motorola P040 Diagram

Available Accessories

There are still some original accessories available for the P040 and P080 Radios.

P040 & P080 Chargers

You can also download the single charge user guide.

Model Description List Price Available
MDPMTN4036 Single Unit, 230v Euro No
MDPMTN4037 Single Unit, 230v UK No
MDPMTN4038 Single Unit, 230v USA No

P040 & P080 Batteries

2014 Update: The only genuine battery available is PMNN4018AR. However, it should be noted that Motorola cancelled the PMNN4018 battery in December 2014 and will only be available whilst stocks last.

Aftermarket battery: We can source an aftermarket battery, order code AM4018N, priced at £39.00

Model Description List Price Available
PMNN4018AR NiMH £39.00 Yes
PMNN4021AR NiCd No
PMNN4017AR NiMH 1230mAh No

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How To Clone a Motorola CP040 (Radio to Radio)

By far, the quickest way to program an analogue radio is to clone an existing radio. But that usually means buying an expensive programming kit and software. With the Motorola CP040, there’s an easier way – Radio-to-Radio clone using the PMKN4003B cloning lead.

Warning: This only works with the PMKN4003B lead. Using any other lead will likely damage your radios. The official radio-to-radio cloning lead for the Motorola CP040 is PMKN4003B which you can buy on our website.

Radio to Radio Cloning Procedure

Relevant to: CP040, CP140, CP160 & CP180

  1. Turn off source and target radio; then connect cloning cable to side connector of each radio.
  2. Turn on target radio.
  3. Source radio – Simultaneously press and hold side buttons 1 and 2 (below PTT paddle);
    then turn on radio. Both radios produce a “clone-entry” tone.
    Display radios will show CLONING (source radio) and PROGRAM (target radio).
  4. Release both side buttons of source radio. The electronic transfer begins and will take less than one minute.
    When cloning is completed, the source radio produces a “clone-exit” tone (and displays CLN CMP on CP160 & CP180).
    Both radios reset themselves.
  5. Turn off source and target radio; then dis- connect cloning cable from each radio. 6. Turn on source and target radio for normal operation.

You can also download the PMKN4003B User Guide

Motorola CP040 Support

Whilst we cannot offer technical support for self-repair or self-programming this radio, we have started a Motorola CP040 Facebook group that you’re welcome to join. The plan is to build a community of Motorola CP040 users to help each other out.

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