Find the Correct Flex Cable for your Peltor Flex Headset

3M™ Peltor™  Flex Headsets work with many different two way radios, phones and devices. The cable that connects the Peltor headset to the radio or device is typically known as a “downlead”, “downwire” or “Flex Cable”.

See the 3M Peltor FLEX MT53H79A-77 Headband Headset with PTT & Boom Microphone at our main website.

Note: This article only applies to Peltor™  Flex Headsets

> You can also download the 3M™ Peltor™  Flex Headsets Datasheet

Flex Cable Compatibility List

Below is a complete list of flex cables available for the 3M™ Peltor™  Flex Headsets.

Downlead Code Compatible Radios
FL6U-21 Motorola GP300, CP040, Motorola 2-Pin Connector
Hytera TC-610/620, PD405, PD505, PD605, 2-Pin Connector
FL6U-28 Mobile, Dect Phone 2.5mm Stereo
FL6U-31 Icom F3, F4, etc Straight 2.5 & 3.5mm, Icom 2-Pin Connector
FL6U-32 Motorola GP340, GP360, GP380, GP640, GP680, GP Multipin Connector
FL6U-35 Icom F3G, F4G Right Angle (No Screw Connector)
FL6U-36 Kenwood 2.5 & 3.5mm, Kenwood 2-Pin
FL6U-44 Icom IC-F31/F41/F50/F51/F60/F61/M787
FL6U-61 Motorola Visar
FL6U-63 Motorola DP3400, DP3600, DP4400, DP4600, DP4800 & Enhanced Models (E)
PPN-14-0019 Motorola DP2400, DP260, DP3441, DP3661
FL6U-64 Icom F33/F43 F34/F44 Right Angle (Retaining Screws)
FL6U-65 Motorola GP344, GP328+
FL6U-66 Iphone/HTC/Samsung 3.5 mm
FL6U-67 Nokia/Sony 3,5 mm
FL6U-101 Sepura STP8000 series
FL6U-107 Kenwood TK-280, TK-380, TK-2140, TK-3140, NX-200 & NX-300
FL6U-ASDH4 Hytera PD705, PD785 Flex Cable
TAA13-T0299 Icom-F51/61
TAA22-T0299 Vertex VX-160

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Motorola CP040 Programming

Motorola CP040 Programming SoftwareAre you needing to program your Motorola CP040? Radiotronics sells everything you need to do just that.

What You Need

Operating System Compatibility

We have tried and tested the Commercial Series CPS on Windows XP and Windows 7. We’re unsure if the Commercial Series CPS works on Windows 8 or Windows 10. Please let us know if you manage to get it working on any of these newer operating systems.

Commercial Series CPS Compatibility

Commercial Series CPS is compatible with the following radios, although you will need a different programming lead for the mobile radios.

Portable Radios
  • CP040
  • CP140
  • CP160
  • CP180
  • CP200
Mobile Radios
  • CM140
  • CM160
  • CM180
  • CM340
  • CM360

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Kenwood KSC-43 TK-3201 TK-3301 & TK-3401D & TK-3501 Charger

Kenwood KSC-43Kenwood have released a new charger that is compatible with all of the TK-3201 TK-3301 & TK-3401D & TK-3501 radios, and as a potential replacement for either the KSC-31 or KSC-35/S chargers.

Kenwood seems to appreciate the confusion they caused by changing the battery and charge profile half way through the life of the TK-2202, TK3202 and TK-3201 series radios.

And in light of this they’ve released the KSC-43 which has a small adapter that can change the location of the charging pins. You simply put it one way to charge an old generation battery (KNB-30A, KNB-29N or KNB-53N) battery; and place the adapter the opposite way to charge a new generation (KNB-45L, KNB-63L or KNB-63L) battery.

You can purchase the KSC-43 charger by contacting us.

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Motorola GP900 Battery

As part of our compatible battery range we now have a battery for the Motorola GP900 two way radio.


  • Capacity: 1900mAh
  • Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride
  • Average Charge Cycles: 300
  • Warranty: 12 Months

Compatible Batteries

Our Motorola GP900 compatible battery is a direct replacement for the following batteries.

  • NTN7143
  • NTN7143A
  • NTN7143B
  • NTN7143C
  • NTN7143D
  • NTN7144
  • NTN7144A
  • NTN7144B

> You can buy our Motorola GP900 Battery on our main website.


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Kenwood TK-3201 Batteries & Chargers Explained

Kenwood TK-3201The Kenwood TK-3201, by a long stretch, was one of the best selling “licence free” business-grade two way radios ever made. But when buying batteries there’s a big gotcha and many people buy the incorrect battery. So, what’s the gotacha?

The Kenwood TK-3201T was originally released with a KNB-29N or KNB-53N nickel-metal hydride battery or a KNB-30A Nickel-Cadmium battery; and a KSC-31 charger, which is only capable of charging a Nickel Metal Hydride or a Nickel-Cadmium battery.

Then, because the industry was moving more and more in the direction of Lithium-Ion batteries, Kenwood re-released the Kenwood TK-2301 now as the TK-2301T2 (which meant 2nd generation, not MK2). The T2 generation version was supplied with a KNB-45L lithium-ion battery. The KNB-45L battery has the same radio fitting profile as the old batteries so it will fit a TK2301. However, Kenwood was forced to change the charge profile and so needed to introduce a new charger that was lithium battery compatible.

Therefore to find the correct Kenwood TK-2301 battery, you need to check your charger model and your radio model, not just the radio itself.

New Dual-Profile Charger Released

Kenwood has released the KSC-43 charger which is able to charge both the 1st generation Ni-Cd and NiMH, and 2nd generation Li-Ion batteries as it has a dual charging profile. If you have a fleet of TK2301 and you have some with KNB-29N/KSC-31 and some with KNB-45L/KSC-35S charger, we recommend you only buy the KSC-43 charger to cover all bases.

Trivia: The Kenwood TK-2301 is a discontinued radio and was eventually replaced with the TK-3301. The TK-3301 takes the KNB-45L lithium battery and the KSC-35S charger. TK-3301 has also now been replaced with the Kenwood TK-3501. The TK-3501 takes an entirely new battery, but does fit the KSC-35S charger.

Reference Table

Radio Charger Compatible Batteries
TK-3201 PMR446 Licence Free
TK-2202 VHF Licensed
TK-3202 UHF Licensed
KSC-31 Original Batteries:

KNB-30A Ni-Cd 1100mAh
KNB-29N NiMH 1500mAh
KNB-53N NiMH 1400mAh

or Compatible Batteries:


KSC-35/S Original Batteries


or Compatible Batteries:


TK-3301 PMR446 Licence Free
TK-2302 VHF Licensed
TK-3302 UHF Licensed
TK-3501 PMR446 Licence Free
TK-2000 VHF Licensed
TK-3000 UHF Licensed


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Motorola GP340 12-Way Charger

Motorola GP340 12-Way Charger

One of the only 12-way chargers in the UK, Radiotronics is a stockist of the Motorola GP340 12-Way charger.

Versatile (Choose your inserts)

The one shown here is our 12-way charger configured for the Motorola GP340 series radio but we can offer this charger for almost any Motorola two way radio. You can even mix-and-match and have some pods for the GP340 and other for other radios. Ideal for the migration to digital or if you have a number of mixed radios.

> View on our main website – where you will find a compatibility list of radios and batteries.

Value for Money

Sitting on the same footprint as a Motorola IMPRES 6-way charger, our 12-way GP340 charger takes up th same space yet can charger double the amount of batteries – and this 12 way is cheaper than two Motorola six way chargers.

> You can buy the Motorola GP340 12-Way Charger on our main website.


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Icom Programming Software Reference

Here’s a great reference guide to Icom Programming Software and Icom Programming Leads. Most of this Icom programming software and most of these Icom programming leads can be obtained from our main website.


Licensed Portable Radios

Model Software Serial Cable USB Cable
IC-F3262D / IC-F4262D (S/T) CS-F3160 None OPC-1862U
IC-F5062D / IC-F6062D OPC-1122 OPC-1122U
IC-F3202DEX / IC-F4202DEX CS-F3200DEX None OPC-1862U
F31G / F41G OPC-966 OPC-966U
F51 / F61 CS-F50
F3062 / F4062
F3162 / F4162 (S/T) CS-F3160
F3162D / F4162D (S/T)
M87 / M88 CS-M88
F1000 / F2000 (S/T) CS-F2000 OPC-478UC OPC-478UC

Licence Free Portable Radios

Model Software Serial Cable USB Cable
IC-4088SR Not Required

This list is work in progress. Please feel free to help us along by emailing with any additions you can suggest.

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Motorola MOTOTRBO Desktop Microphone

Motorola RMN5050A MicrophoneMotorola have announced a new desktop / base microphone compatible with all DM3/4 series mobile two way radios.

This microphone sits neatly on a desk allowing easy push to talk with a single finger. The microphone has mic-gain which allows you to adjust the volume of the microphone on the back of the unit.

Fitted with a standard MOTOTRBO connection, the Motorola RMN5050A microphone is compatible with all MOTOTRBO DP3 and DP4 series mobile radios.

By using the RMN5050 microphone with extension leads PMKN4033A (10ft) and PMKN4034A (20ft) with an external speaker (for example the RSN4002A), you can easily mount the radio totally out of sight and just have the microphone and speaker on your desk.

Order Code: RMN5050A

Compatible Radios: DM3400, DM3600, DM4400, DM4600 (and the GPS/Bluetooth 01 versions)

> You can buy the RMN5050A Microphone from our main website.

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Motorola DP1400 Analogue Vs. DP1400 Digital

Motorola DP1400How confusing is this… The Motorola DP1400 is available in two different flavours – Analogue Only and Digital Version.

So what’s the difference?

The Motorola DP1400 analogue version is a digital radio with the digital chip disabled by default. To make the digital chip work, you need to purchase a “digital mode activation licence key” from Motorola. The digital version of the Motorola DP1400 is, put simply, the same radio with with the digital mode activation licence key pre-installed, and hence the digital chip switched on.

Note: All Motorola digital radios will also work in analogue mode for backward compatibility.

Below is the list of models available from the factory as standard.

DP1400 Model Table

> You can buy the Motorola DP1400 from our main website.

Model Code Digital/Analogue Band Frequency
Analogue Models
MDH01JDC9JC2AN Analogue Only VHF 136-174MHz
MDH01QDC9JC2AN Analogue Only UHF 403-470MHz
Digital Models
MDH01JDC9JA2AN Digital / Analogue Hybrid VHF 136-174MHz
MDH01QDC9JA2AN Digital / Analogue Hybrid UHF 403-470MHz

As you can see from this Model Table, you can buy the DP1400 as an analogue-only radio or as a digital radio as standard.

How Can An Analogue DP1400 be Upgraded to Digital?

This is easy to do. You’ll need to buy HKVN4204Adigital mode activation licence key“, one per radio, which you can buy from Radiotronics. You can either buy a programming lead and CPS software and install the licence yourself, or ask our in-house engineer to do it for you (fee applies). However, this is the pricey option – as it can cost up to £70 per radio for theHKVN4204A licence key. It’s cheaper to buy the Motorola DP1400 as a digital radio in the first place.

> You can buy the Motorola DP1400 from our main website.

Should I Buy An Analogue Only DP1400?

This depends. If you already have a number of CP040 or GP340 radios which you want your new DP1400 radios to work with and you have no interest in migrating to digital, then there’s no need to have digital radios.

However, if you will want to migrate to digital any time soon we recommend the digital version. The price difference between the Motorola DP1400 Analogue Only and Motorola DP1400 Digital Version is not as much as the HKVN4204A upgrade licence key.

> You can buy the Motorola DP1400 from our main website.


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DP4400 Wideband VHF Whip Antenna

Motorola have announced a new VHF wideband antenna for the MOTOTRBO DP4000 range of two way radios. Spanning the whole VHF spectrum, ranging from 136-174MHz, this antenna is ideal for professional and HAM radio use.

Motorola PMAD4147A

Order Code: PMAD4147A


  • Type: Whip
  • Frequency Band: VHF
  • Frequency Range: 136-174MHz
  • GPS: Yes
  • Colour Code: Green
  • Length (cm): 20

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