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Licence Free Two Way Radios

Licence free two way radios are a convenient way to use two way radios without the worry or inconvenience of obtaining a radio operators licence.

Advantages of Licence Free Radios
  • No licence required – of course
  • Smaller initial cost outlay
  • No call charges
  • No contracts
  • Pre-programmed frequencies, no programming needed
  • Can be used throughout the EU
Disadvantages of Licence Free Two Way Radios
  • Limited range compared to licensed radios
  • Potentially congested channels – many operators use the same channels so interference can be more frequent

Types of Licence Free Two Way Radios

Here at Radiotronics, we categorise these into two headings – Walkie Talkies which are more leisure style radios, and Professional Grade Licence Free Radios which more resemble high power business radios. Read on.

Walkie Talkies (Leisure Style Radios)

Walkie talkies, usually supplied in pairs, are cheap and convenient types of two way radios. They’re usually small radios no larger than the palm of your hand. Here at Radiotronics, we stock a wide range of walkie talkies from both Motorola and Midland. Walkie Talkies are not always used for leisure use – sometimes they can be a cost-effective solution for small schools etc.

Advantages of Leisure-Style Walkie Talkies
  • Usually Supplied in Pairs
  • Cost Effective – Very Low Cost
  • Easy to Use – Preprogrammed & work out the box
  • Most accept either bundled batteries, or alkaline AA or AAA batteries
  • Some models CTCSS to reduce interference
  • No licence required of course
Useful For
  • Camping & Fishing
  • Shooting Sports
  • Paintball Activities
  • Small Schools & Nurseries
What We Recommend

> See the Licence Free Walkie Talkies section on our website.

Business Grade Two Way Radios

Professional-grade licence free two way radios are radios look almost identical to high-power business radios. Business grade licence free two way radios are typically built to the same military specifications as their high-power siblings and are just as durable. The only real difference is that professional-grade licence free two way radios restricted to 500mW (0.5W) and operate on only the licence free radio band.

Advantages of Licence Free Professional-Grade Two Way Radios
  • Same build quality as licensed radios
  • Dealer programmable
  • Almost all models are CTCSS capable for minimum interference
  • Maximum feature set – almost all professional-grade licence free two way radios have similar features to licensed radios
  • Some models are waterproof
Useful For
  • Construction sites
  • Leisure centres
  • Hospitality / Hotels
  • Factories
  • Farms
  • Shooting & Fishing Sports
What We Recommend

> See the Licence Free Professional Grade Two Way Radios section on our website.

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Motorola P040 & P080 Radios

Motorola P040 & P80The Motorola P040 and Motorola P080 radios are now completely discontinued by Motorola and I’ll bet you this is one of the only articles you can find on the P040 and P080 radios.

The P040 and P080 sibling radios were originally released around 1999 and were sold for quite a few years and closely resembles the GP340 (or should we say the GP340 closely resembles the P040 since the P040 is older).

Note: The P040 is not the same radio as the CP040.

Want Accessories, Batteries Chargers etc? Scroll down for available accessories.

The Motorola P040 and P080 was supplied with Antenna, PMNN4018 (NiMH) or PMNN4021 (NiCd) Battery and a regional specific charger (see charger table below).

Quick P040/P080/CP040/GP340 Comparison

Function P040 P080 CP040 GP340
Channels 4 16 4/16 16
Scan Yes Yes Yes Yes
Programmable Buttons 2 2 2 3
Repeater Talkaround Yes Yes No Yes
Emergency Button No No No Yes
Motorola Private™ Signalling Yes Yes Yes Yes
5-Tone No No No Yes
X-Pand™ Audio Yes Yes Yes Yes
VOX Yes Yes No Yes
Igress Protection IP54 IP54 IP54
FM Approved Yes Yes No Yes


Motorola P040 & P080 Downloads

Motorola P040 & P080 Programming Software

You can download the programming software for the P040 and P080 radios from our website.

Motorola P040 Diagram

Here’s a diagram which shows the functions and button layout on the P040 radio.

Motorola P040 Diagram

Available Accessories

There are still some original accessories available for the P040 and P080 Radios.

P040 & P080 Chargers

You can also download the single charge user guide.

Model Description List Price Available
MDPMTN4036 Single Unit, 230v Euro No
MDPMTN4037 Single Unit, 230v UK No
MDPMTN4038 Single Unit, 230v USA No

P040 & P080 Batteries

2014 Update: The only genuine battery available is PMNN4018AR. However, it should be noted that Motorola cancelled the PMNN4018 battery in December 2014 and will only be available whilst stocks last.

Aftermarket battery: We can source an aftermarket battery, order code AM4018N, priced at £39.00

Model Description List Price Available
PMNN4018AR NiMH £39.00 Yes
PMNN4021AR NiCd No
PMNN4017AR NiMH 1230mAh No

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