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Kenwood KSC-43 TK-3201 TK-3301 & TK-3401D & TK-3501 Charger

Kenwood KSC-43Kenwood have released a new charger that is compatible with all of the TK-3201 TK-3301 & TK-3401D & TK-3501 radios, and as a potential replacement for either the KSC-31 or KSC-35/S chargers.

Kenwood seems to appreciate the confusion they caused by changing the battery and charge profile half way through the life of the TK-2202, TK3202 and TK-3201 series radios.

And in light of this they’ve released the KSC-43 which has a small adapter that can change the location of the charging pins. You simply put it one way to charge an old generation battery (KNB-30A, KNB-29N or KNB-53N) battery; and place the adapter the opposite way to charge a new generation (KNB-45L, KNB-63L or KNB-63L) battery.

You can purchase the KSC-43 charger by contacting us.

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Motorola GP900 Battery

As part of our compatible battery range we now have a battery for the Motorola GP900 two way radio.


  • Capacity: 1900mAh
  • Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride
  • Average Charge Cycles: 300
  • Warranty: 12 Months

Compatible Batteries

Our Motorola GP900 compatible battery is a direct replacement for the following batteries.

  • NTN7143
  • NTN7143A
  • NTN7143B
  • NTN7143C
  • NTN7143D
  • NTN7144
  • NTN7144A
  • NTN7144B

> You can buy our Motorola GP900 Battery on our main website.


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Motorola GP340 12-Way Charger

Motorola GP340 12-Way Charger

One of the only 12-way chargers in the UK, Radiotronics is a stockist of the Motorola GP340 12-Way charger.

Versatile (Choose your inserts)

The one shown here is our 12-way charger configured for the Motorola GP340 series radio but we can offer this charger for almost any Motorola two way radio. You can even mix-and-match and have some pods for the GP340 and other for other radios. Ideal for the migration to digital or if you have a number of mixed radios.

> View on our main website – where you will find a compatibility list of radios and batteries.

Value for Money

Sitting on the same footprint as a Motorola IMPRES 6-way charger, our 12-way GP340 charger takes up th same space yet can charger double the amount of batteries – and this 12 way is cheaper than two Motorola six way chargers.

> You can buy the Motorola GP340 12-Way Charger on our main website.


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Motorola CP040 Discontinued

Motorola CP040Motorola have announced the cancellation of the popular Motorola CP040 in favour of the recently released Motorola DP1400. The cancellation notice also includes some lesser known radios from the CP Commercial Series: CP040, CP140, CP160, CP180.

The announcement follows Motorola’s release of the DP1400 in September last year where Motorola positioned the DP1400 as the replacement for the CP040.

Motorola have said that all orders for CP Commercial Series must be made before 10th November 2014.

Originally the CP040 was to be discontinued in February 2015, however, this has been brought forward. Motorola says:

In February, Motorola issued an Intention to Cancel Notification for Commercial Series radios. Due to higher than expected global demand, there is a risk that stock may deplete prior to the previously issued last order date, hence the last order date is being brought forward from February 2015 to November 2014.

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Motorola GP340 Discontinued & Replacement

Motorola GP340Motorola has announced that the very popular Motorola GP340 two way radio is to be discontinued with the replacement being the Motorola DP4400.

Motorola says:

As the migration to MOTOTRBO accelerates, Motorola will be cancelling the following list of models. There will be a transition period after the Last Order Date, during which we will continue to sell cancelled models until stock depletion. This cancellation notice does not affect accessories which we will continue to supply until further notice.

Motorola GP340 has been seen as an industry standard by radio users for many years. However, Motorola Solutions are accelerating their migration to the MOTOTRBO range of radios. Motorola is marketing the Motorola DP4000 series as the official replacement for the GP340.

GP340 / DP4400 Replacement Reference Table

GP Model Replacement Notes
GP340 DP4400e
GP360 DP4600e
GP380 DP4800e
GP640 DP4400e With MPT1327 Option Board
GP680 DP4800e

Motorola Solutions have said that the last order date for the Motorola GP340 is 16th February 2015. However, all orders must be received and confirmed before this date.

Motorola Solutions have been keen to make sure that clients are aware that parts will remain available for at least 5 years following the product cancellation.

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Motorola P145/P165/P185 Charger Replacement

Motorola have today announced that the P100 series chargers will be replaced as follows.

> Also see our article on Current Motorola P145/P165/P185 Batteries & Chargers

Note: We may still have a couple of the old chargers. Check our main website for availability.

This covers the following radios: P140, P145, P160, P165, P180 & P185.

Item Region Charge Ports Replacement
PMLN6373A UK Six PMLN6599A
PMLN6372A Euro Six PMLN6602A

Motorola have stated that the last order date for the old charger models is 17th February 2014 after this time only the replacement model will be available to order.

Design Change

The old charger resembled (but is not) an IMPRES charger.

PMLN6373A / PMLN6372A

Whereas the new charger is “soldiers in a line” design.

Discontinued Models

All of the following models are now discontinued.

Charger Model Country Batteries Radios



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Motorola CP040 & DP1400 Charger Replacement

Motorola have today announced that the CP040 charger will be replaced as follows.

Also see: Motorola CP040 DP1400 Battery & Charger Guide

This covers the following radios: CP040, CP140, CP160, CP180, CP200 & CP200D

Item Region Charge Ports Replacement
NNTN8351A UK Six PMLN6600A
NNTN8352A Euro Six PMLN6598A

Motorola have stated that the last order date for the old charger models is 17th February 2014 after this time only the replacement model will be available to order.

Design Change

The old charger resembled (but is not) an IMPRES charger.

Motorola NNTN8355A


Whereas the new charger is “soldiers in a line” design.

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Motorola Launches DP1400 Digital Entry Tier Radio

Motorola have officially announced the introduction of a brand new radio to succeed the very popular Motorola CP040.

Motorola DP1400

Buy Now: Motorola DP1400

Analogue Only & Analogue Digital Hybrid

The DP1400 from Motorola is available in two options. There will be an analogue only version and and an analogue and digital version. However, the analogue only version can be upgraded to digital using an upgrade key which is available from us (order code is HKVN4204A).

Motorola DP1400 Models

Model Code Digital/Analogue Band Frequency
Analogue Models
MDH01JDC9JC2AN Analogue Only VHF 136-174MHz
MDH01QDC9JC2AN Analogue Only UHF 403-470MHz
Digital Models
MDH01JDC9JA2AN Digital / Analogue Hybrid VHF 136-174MHz
MDH01QDC9JA2AN Digital / Analogue Hybrid UHF 403-470MHz

Motorola CP040 Compatible Accessories

The Motorola DP1400 is designed to completely replace it’s predecessor, the CP040, and therefore shares all accessories. That means that your existing batteries, chargers, earpieces, microphones – everything you have for your CP040 will fit your new Motorola DP1400.

Also see: Motorola CP040 & DP1400 Battery & Charger Guide

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How To Clone a Motorola CP040 (Radio to Radio)

By far, the quickest way to program an analogue radio is to clone an existing radio. But that usually means buying an expensive programming kit and software. With the Motorola CP040, there’s an easier way – Radio-to-Radio clone using the PMKN4003B cloning lead.

Warning: This only works with the PMKN4003B lead. Using any other lead will likely damage your radios. The official radio-to-radio cloning lead for the Motorola CP040 is PMKN4003B which we sell for £5.00+VAT.

Radio to Radio Cloning Procedure

Relevant to: CP040, CP140, CP160 & CP180

  1. Turn off source and target radio; then connect cloning cable to side connector of each radio.
  2. Turn on target radio.
  3. Source radio – Simultaneously press and hold side buttons 1 and 2 (below PTT paddle);
    then turn on radio. Both radios produce a “clone-entry” tone.
    Display radios will show CLONING (source radio) and PROGRAM (target radio).
  4. Release both side buttons of source radio. The electronic transfer begins and will take less than one minute.
    When cloning is completed, the source radio produces a “clone-exit” tone (and displays CLN CMP on CP160 & CP180).
    Both radios reset themselves.
  5. Turn off source and target radio; then dis- connect cloning cable from each radio. 6. Turn on source and target radio for normal operation.

You can also download the PMKN4003B User Guide

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