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Kenwood 6-Way Rack Charger Stations Now In Stock

Kenwood Rack ChargersWe are pleased to announce that we now stock great value aftermarket Rack Chargers for Kenwood two way radios.

See here: Kenwood Rack Chargers

How do they work?

When a Kenwood Two Way Radio is purchased, it typically is supplied with a single charger. With our rack chargers, you simply screw 6 charger pods down to the unit and plug the power lead into the back of the charging pod.

This means you can easily and conveniently create yourself a 6-way charger for your Kenwood two-way radio by simply attaching your existing charger pods.

We have stocked rack chargers for some time. The Motorola rack charger for Core (Round) Motorola charger pods has been one of our best-selling products.

The KSC-35R version, for the KSC-35 pod, has already arrived and in stock; with the KSC-25R and KSC-31R versions arriving early next week.

Three Versions Will Be Available

  • KSC-25R – For the KSC-25 Pod (KNB-47L Battery)
  • KSC-31R – For the KSC-31 Pod (KNB-29N Battery)
  • KSC-35R – For the KSC035 Pod (KNB-47L Battery)


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Kenwood TK-D240 & TK-D340 Series Released

Kenwood TK-D340 VHF & Kenwood TK-D240 VHFWe are pleased to announce the fantastic new entry-tier digital DMR radios from Kenwood are in stock now.

The new radios are Kenwood TK-D340 (UHF) and Kenwood TK-D240 (VHF) which feature true mixed mode – they can operate in either DMR digital or analogue on the same channel by automatically detecting the incoming signal. This feature alone makes the Kenwood TK-Dx40 series the ideal migration companion.

DMR is a relatively new path for Kenwood as the company has previously concentrated on dPMR as well as their own proprietary NEXEDGE platform. Presumably realising that to compete in a competitive marketplace, Kenwood needed a DMR lineup. The Kenwood TK-Dx40 series is Kenwood’s entry-tier contribution to the DMR market with a middle-to-high tier product range being announced in the coming weeks.

The Kenwood TK-D340 (UHF) and Kenwood TK-D240 (VHF) DMR radios have an exhaustive feature-set for an entry-tier product. They’re also priced under £200, at £171+VAT list price which includes a lithium battery and a single charger.

As always, Kenwood has released two models which are TK-D340 which is UHF (~440-470MHz) and TK-D240 which is VHF (~136-175MHz). Other than that the  TK-D340 & TK-D240 are identical.

Kenwood TK-Dx40 Features

  • 32 Channels / 2 Zones
  • Dual Mode (DMR & Analogue on Same Channel)
  • IP55 Ingres Resistant
  • TDMA Dual Slot – 2 Simultaneous Conversations On the Same Frequency
  • 3-colour Status LED (Red, Orange, Green)
  • 5-Tone Signalling
  • Battery Saver Mode
  • Busy Channel Lock-out
  • Compact Design
  • Ease of Operating Use
  • Flash Upgradeable Firmware
  • Lone Worker Function
  • Low Battery Warning
  • 3 Programmable Function Keys
  • QT (CTCSS) / DQT (digital)
  • Talk Around
  • Time-Out Timer
  • Voice Annunciation
  • Windows PC Programming and Tuning
  • AMBE+2 Vocoder (DMR Only)
  • Individual Call with Acknowledgement
  • Single-slot Data Timing
  • 25/20/12.5kHz Channel Spacing

What’s In The TK-Dx40 Box?

  • Kenwood TK-Dx40 Radio
  • KNB-47L Lithium Battery
  • Belt Clip
  • Band-Specific Antenna
  • KCS-35S Charger & UK Power Supply
  • Basic User Guide

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Surecom SR628 Cross Band Repeater Control Box

Surecom SR628

Surecom has announced the release of the SR-628 2-way duplex control box for portable radios.

> You can buy the Surecom SR628 from our main website.

Cross Band Repeater (Both Directions)

Surecom SR628 (Cross Band)

This box allows full cross-band repeater capability, in both directions, using portable radios. That means that your VHF radios can communicate with your UHF radios.

PMR446 to Licensed Radio Repeater Use (Both Directions)


Surecom SR628 PMR446 Example

Of course, this also means that you can use the Surecom SR-628 as a PMR446 to licensed radio repeater.

Cross Mode Repeater (Both Directions)

Surecom SR628 (Cross Mode)

The Surecom SR628 also allows full cross-mode repeater capability, in both directions, using portable radios. That means that your DMR radios can communicate with your analogue radios as shown.

> You can buy the Surecom SR628 from our main website.

All you need to do is simply connect the two radios to either input A and B of the repeater box as shown and it just works out of the box.

Surecom SR628





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Kenwood KSC-43 TK-3201 TK-3301 & TK-3401D & TK-3501 Charger

Kenwood KSC-43Kenwood have released a new charger that is compatible with all of the TK-3201 TK-3301 & TK-3401D & TK-3501 radios, and as a potential replacement for either the KSC-31 or KSC-35/S chargers.

Kenwood seems to appreciate the confusion they caused by changing the battery and charge profile half way through the life of the TK-2202, TK3202 and TK-3201 series radios.

And in light of this they’ve released the KSC-43 which has a small adapter that can change the location of the charging pins. You simply put it one way to charge an old generation battery (KNB-30A, KNB-29N or KNB-53N) battery; and place the adapter the opposite way to charge a new generation (KNB-45L, KNB-63L or KNB-63L) battery.

You can purchase the KSC-43 charger by contacting us.

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