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HYT TC-446 Accessory List

There are two different models called TC-446 from HYT (Hytera) and this page lists the accessories for the older version.

The HYT TC-446 is the older version and the HYT TC-446S is the newer version – and the only accessories they share are earpieces and programming cables.

Here’s a handy list of accessories for the older version of the HYT TC-446.

Model Description
BH1104 1100mAh NiMH Battery
BH1302 1300mAh NiMH Battery
CH05N03 Single NiMH Charger Pod Only
PS1044 Single UK/EU PSU
CHV09 Single Vehicle PSU
PS7001 6-Way PSU
MCN05 MUC NiMH Only Charger
LCBN43 Leather Carrying Case (Black)
RO05 Hand Strap
BC10 Belt Clip
SM08M2 Remote Speaker Microphone
EHM11 D-Earpiece with in-Line PTT & Microphone
EAM08 Earpiece with on-Mic PTT & Transparent Acoustic Tube
ESM02 Earbud with in-Line PTT
ESM08 Earbud with on-MIC PTT
PC19 RS232 COM-Port Programming Cable
PC26 USB Programming Cable
PC08 RS232 COM-Port Universal Programming Cable

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Rackmount Two Way Radio Dispatch & Charger Station for 128 Two Way Radios

Two Way Radio (128-Radio) ChargerFor those who run a large fleet of radios, what could be more ideal than a fully rack-mounted two-way┬áradio station that can house up to 128 radios – and keep track of them.

Well, you’re in luck. AdvanceTec Industries of Miami, Florida have created the Enterprise 3000 rack-mount two-way radio station.

The benefit of this station is that it allows you to fully keep track of your radios by booking them in and out. And when they’re in, they’re charging!

For more information about the AdvanceTec Enterprise 300, email us now.

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Vertex Standard EVX-S24 6-Way Charger

Vertex Standard EVX-S24 6-Way Charger
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A little late to the party, but here it is – the official 6-way charger (MUC)for the Vertex Standard EVX-S24 compact digital radio.

Much like other similar Motorola chargers, the EVX-S24 6-way charger allows you to charge the batteries whilst inside the radio or they can be charged on their own (but not at the same time).


  • GMLN5510A – UK plug
  • GMLN5509A – EU Plug

> You can buy the Vertex Standard EVX-S24 6-Way Charger from Radiotronics

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Motorola MOTOTRBO Desktop Microphone

Motorola RMN5050A MicrophoneMotorola have announced a new desktop / base microphone compatible with all DM3/4 series mobile two way radios.

This microphone sits neatly on a desk allowing easy push to talk with a single finger. The microphone has mic-gain which allows you to adjust the volume of the microphone on the back of the unit.

Fitted with a standard MOTOTRBO connection, the Motorola RMN5050A microphone is compatible with all MOTOTRBO DP3 and DP4 series mobile radios.

By using the RMN5050 microphone with extension leads PMKN4033A (10ft) and PMKN4034A (20ft) with an external speaker (for example the RSN4002A), you can easily mount the radio totally out of sight and just have the microphone and speaker on your desk.

Order Code: RMN5050A

Compatible Radios: DM3400, DM3600, DM4400, DM4600 (and the GPS/Bluetooth 01 versions)

> You can buy the RMN5050A Microphone from our main website.

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DP4400 Wideband VHF Whip Antenna

Motorola have announced a new VHF wideband antenna for the MOTOTRBO DP4000 range of two way radios. Spanning the whole VHF spectrum, ranging from 136-174MHz, this antenna is ideal for professional and HAM radio use.

Motorola PMAD4147A

Order Code: PMAD4147A


  • Type: Whip
  • Frequency Band: VHF
  • Frequency Range: 136-174MHz
  • GPS: Yes
  • Colour Code: Green
  • Length (cm): 20

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