Month: August 2020

Using The Motorola DM4000 & DM4000E Series Rear Accessory Port

Motorola DM4000 DM4000e Rear

The Motorola DM4000 and the newer Motorola DM4000E radios have a rear 26-pin accessory connector. This can be used for a number of different purposes including programming and controling external equipment.

Motorola Solutions has asked us to place this note on this page: Motorola terms and conditions apply with regard to responsibilities and warranties for what is connected through this connector kit.

This article applies to the following radios:

  • DM4000: DM4400, DM4401, DM4600 and DM4601
  • DM4000E: DM4400e, DM4401e, DM4600e and DM4601e
  • DM3000: DM3400, DM3401, DM3600 and DM3601
  • XPR5000: XPR5350 and XPR5550
  • XPR5000e: XPR5350e and XPR5550e

Motorola DM4000 DM4000e Rear

Pin Numbering

Motorola DM4000 DM4000e Rear Accessory Connector Pin Numbers

One thing that worth noting is that the accessory connector on the back of the DM4000 and DM400e is upside down, with regard to the pin numbers.

Pin Out

Pin Number Description USB^ DB25P*
3 VCC (5v) 1
2 DATA – 2
1 DATA + 3
4 GND 4
11 EXT MIC 17
16 GND 16
10 SPEAKER + 1

^ USB refers to USB cables PMKN4010 and PMKN4016 (special order item)
* DB25P refers to PMKN4016 only

Rear Connector Options

In order to use this rear accessory connector, you will need the following connector kits:

Order Code Description
PMLN5072 Complete rear accessory connector kit including the black connector, crimp pins and a cable tie. Water-resistant boot not included.
RKN4136 Ignition sense cable kit. Also requires the PMLN5072 above.


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Motorola CLP Accessories UK Price Reduction

Motorola Solutions has announced that, as of today 1st August 2020, the following items will reduce in price.

  • IXPN4028B – CLP Single Charger – New Price £59+VAT, Old Price £68.00
  • IXPN4029B – CLP Multi Charger – New Price £175+VAT, Old Price £224.00

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