Motorola DM1400 is a current radio from Motorola Solution. We’ve created this guide. This guide does not tell you how to program your radio. There’s a help guide in the mentioned software. This guide tells you what you will need to program these radios.

Radiotronics UK sells everything you need to program the Motorola DM1400 radio on our website. You will need the following items:

  • Motorola DM1400 Programming Cable
  • Motorola MOTOTRBO Software (Version depends on radio version – see below)

You will need BOTH of these ^ items.

Radios that are covered by this guide:

  • Motorola DM1400
  • Motorola DM1600
  • Motorola DM2400
  • Motorola DM2600

Motorola DM1400 Programming Cable

There is only one programming cable available for the Motorola DM1400. No other cable will work. In fact, if you try and use any other cable you risk shorting out your radio. Don’t do that. Stick to this cable only.

Motorola DM1400 Cable


Motorola DM1400 Programming Software

Getting the right programming software for the Motorola DM1400 can be tricky. Use the guide below to make the right choice:

Model Firmware/Codeplug Version CPS Version
R01.01.30.0 CP11.00.46 (or below) 1.0 Subversion 16.x (Build 828)
R01.01.40.0 CP12.00.38 (and above) 2.0 Subversion 2.18.95

Software Support Unavailable

It should be noted. Unfortunately, we cannot offer technical support for self-programming two way radios. If you choose to program your own radio, we urge that you allow plenty of time to self-learn about your radio and the programming process – it’s not always straightforward.

Two Way Radio Facebook Group

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