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Programming The Motorola DM1400

Motorola DM1400 is a current radio from Motorola Solution. We’ve created this guide. This guide does not tell you how to program your radio. There’s a help guide in the mentioned software. This guide tells you what you will need to program these radios.

Radiotronics UK sells everything you need to program the Motorola DM1400 radio on our website. You will need the following items:

  • Motorola DM1400 Programming Cable
  • Motorola MOTOTRBO Software (Version depends on radio version – see below)

You will need BOTH of these ^ items.

Radios that are covered by this guide:

  • Motorola DM1400
  • Motorola DM1600
  • Motorola DM2400
  • Motorola DM2600

Motorola DM1400 Programming Cable

There is only one programming cable available for the Motorola DM1400. No other cable will work. In fact, if you try and use any other cable you risk shorting out your radio. Don’t do that. Stick to this cable only.

Motorola DM1400 Cable


Motorola DM1400 Programming Software

Getting the right programming software for the Motorola DM1400 can be tricky. Use the guide below to make the right choice:

Model Firmware/Codeplug Version CPS Version
R01.01.30.0 CP11.00.46 (or below) 1.0 Subversion 16.x (Build 828)
R01.01.40.0 CP12.00.38 (and above) 2.0 Subversion 2.18.95

Software Support Unavailable

It should be noted. Unfortunately, we cannot offer technical support for self-programming two way radios. If you choose to program your own radio, we urge that you allow plenty of time to self-learn about your radio and the programming process – it’s not always straightforward.

Two Way Radio Facebook Group

Radiotronics helps manage a support group on Facebook for business radio users. Join here:

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Motorola Analogue Two Way Radio Antenna Guide

Motorola Analog Two Way Radio Antenna

Almost all analogue Motorola two way radios use the same antenna connectors. But it can be a tricky task working out which antenna you need. To make things easier, we’ve put together this guide to Motorola analogue two way radio antennas.

Motorola Analog Two-way Radio Antennasjpg

Compatible Radios

  • CP100d
  • CP200, CP200.XLS
  • CP200d, CP300d
  • CP185
  • DP1400
  • CP040, CP150, CP160, CP180
  • P140, P145, P160, P165, P180, P185
  • CT450, CT450-LS, EP350
  • EX500, EX560-XLS, EX600
  • GP344, GP366, GP388
  • HT570, HT1250, HT1250-LS, HT1250-LS+, HT1550-XLS
  • MTX8250, MTX8250-LS, MTX850, MTX850-LS, MTX9250, MTX950
  • GP140, GP340, GP360, GP380, GP640, GP680
  • PRO5150, PRO5150 Elite, PRO7150, PRO7150 Elite
Part Code Band Range Shape Length Notes
Long Antennas
HAD9338 VHF 136-162 MHz Helical 15.5cm (6.1″)
NAD6502 146-174 MHz 15.5cm (6.1″)
PMAD4014 136-155 MHz Conal 14cm (5.5″)
PMAD4023 150-161 MHz 14cm (5.5″)
PMAD4015 155-174 MHz 14cm (5.5″)
NAE6483 UHF 403-520 MHz Helical 17cm (6.5″) Replaced by PMAE4016
PMAE4016 403-520 MHz 17cm (6.5″)
Short Antennas
HAD9742 VHF 146-162 MHz Helical 9cm (3.5″)
HAD9743 162-174 MHz 9cm (3.5″)
PMAD4012 136-155 MHz Conal 9cm (3.5″)
PMAD4025 150-161 MHz 9cm (3.5″)
PMAD4013 155-174 MHz 9cm (3.5″)
NAE6522 UHF 438-470 MHz Helical 8cm (3.1″) Replaced by PMAE4003
PMAE4002 403-433 MHz Conal 9cm (3.5″)
PMAE4003 430-470 MHz 9cm (3.5″)
PMAE4006 465-495 MHz 9cm (3.5″)

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Upgrading from Icom IC-F110/IC-F210 to IC-F5012/IC-F6012

If you hae the Icom IC-F100 series (Consisting of IC-F110S VHF / IC-F210S UHF, IC-F110 VHF / F210 UHF (display version)), you might have heard they’re both cancelled by Icom. That’s technically true. But there is some good news.

Update (2020): Icom has announced that the radios mentioned above are all due to be cancelled in favour of their new IC-F5400/IC-F6400 series.

Spare Parts Available

There are a number of spare parts available for the IC-F100 series radios. Sparte parts include:

Direct Replacement Radios

Icom was forward thinking here and have directly replaced these radios with a new model that has exactly the same form factor. The only difference is the antenna connetor.

Old Model Replacement Model
IC-F110S IC-F5012
IC-F110 IC-F5022
IC-F210S IC-F6012
IC-F210 IC-F6022

Of course the new radios will need programming to work work with your old radios. Programming requires the same programming cable for all radios. But the software is different.

Programming Software

The programming cable for all the following radios is: Icom OPC-1122U

Radio Model Software Required

Want To Go Digital

If you want to move to digital, then the replacement are IC-F5122D (VHF) and IC-F6122D respectively. These radios both work in analogue and digtial mode. So if you’re looking to move to digital in future, but want to stay on analogue for now, IC-F5122D (VHF) and IC-F6122D  are worth considering.

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Motorola Launches MOTOTRBO CP100d

Motorola CP100d

Building on the success of the Motorola MOTOTRBO CP200d and with the form factor of the CP185, the all new Motorola CP100d is a cost-effective digital portable two-way radio packed with features.

Motorola CP100d
This image is available for commercial use. Email

Note: Motorola CP100d is for the North American market. For the EMEA model, see the Motorola DP540.


Update: LKP Version Confirmed

Motorola CP100d (LKP)

Update: Price Confirmed!

Motorola Solutions has confirmed the price as $329 for the NKP version and $399 for the LKP version.

Motorola CP100d Pricing

Motorola CP100d Accessories

We have a comprehensive list of accessories for the Motorola CP100d on our main U.S. website.

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