Icom IC-F2000D UHF (and IC-F1000D VHF) is a current radio from Icom of Japan. We’ve created this guide. This guide does not tell you how to program your radio. There’s a help guide in the mentioned software. This guide tells you what you will need to program these radios.

NOTE: IC-F2000D/IC-F1000D (digital) and IC-F2000D/IC-F1000D (analogue) are not the same radio. This guide is for the IC-F2000D/IC-F1000D (digital) radios. If you have the IC-F2000/IC-F1000 (analogue) radios, we have a guide for the IC-F2000/IC-F1000 (analogue) here.
NOTE: IC-F2000D and IC-F1000D have been replaced by IC-F2100D and IC-F1100D respectively. Whilst they’re similar radios, they do have different software.

Radiotronics UK sells everything you need to program the Icom IC-F2000D UHF (IC-F1000D VHF) radio on our website. You will need the following items:

You will need BOTH of these ^ items.

Radios that are covered by this guide:

  • IC-F2000D (UHF) & IC-F1000D (VHF) – No Display

Icom OPC-478UC Programming Cable

The Icom OPC-478U(c) cable is the USB version and replaces all previous OPC-478 model cables. There is no other cable available for Icom radios. This is the correct cable for the IC-F2000D/F1000D radios.

Icom OPC-478UC Programming Cable

Icom CS-F2000 Programming Software

Despite being called CS-F2000D, this software is for both IC-F2000D UHF and IC-F1000D VHF series radios.

Software Support Unavailable

It should be noted. Unfortunately, we cannot offer technical support for self-programming two way radios. If you choose to program your own radio, we urge that you allow plenty of time to self-learn about your radio and the programming process – it’s not always straightforward.

Icom Support Group

Radiotronics helps manage a support group on Facebook for Icom business radio users. Join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/icomradios/