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Programming radios can be a minefield. So we’ve put together this useful guide to Hytera programming cable and software guide.

Hytera’s DMR digital radios are split into two types, entry tier and mid to high tier. The entry tier is made up of the PD3xx and PD4xx series. The mid to high tier consists of PD500, PD600, PD700, PD900 portable radios, DM615/625 and DM785 series mobile radios and finally RD625 and RD985 repeaters.

Hytera Programming Guide

Radio Name Cable Software Driver
Entry-tier Series Portable Radios
PD355, PD365, PD375 PC69 PD3 / PD4 Software PD3 / PD4 Driver
PD405, PD485 PC76
Mid to High Tier Series Portable Radios
PD505, PD565 PC63 DMR Software DMR Driver
PD605, PD665, PD685, X1p, X1e PC45
PD705, PD755, PD785, PD985 PC38
Mobile Radios
MD615, MD625 PC109
MD665, MD785 PC47
RD625 PC75
RD985 PC47