Wheelabrator Technologies, a pioneer in clean energy generation from normal daily waste has chosen Hytera as it’s two way radio communications solution at it’s forthcoming facility in Kent.

Wheelabrator initially required a basic conventional two-way radio system that would give 4 individual talk channels and a small number of radios for Wheelabrator’s staff and colleagues to have instant communications whilst the facility is being built. Once the facility is built, the system is to be moved to the main building and expanded to a large number of radios with multiple talk channels, lone worker and many other features. This undoubtably means Hytera XPT is the ideal solution. Since Wheelabrator didn’t need the Hytera XPT features until the facility is fully built and the system is moved to the main building, it made sense to start with the basics, but keep expansion and upgrade in mind.

This meant that we two options. Option one was for Wheelabrator take a conventional system on a rental basis until the facility was built. Option two was to initially invest in XPT-compatible repeaters but leave the XPT licence investment until it was actually needed. Wheelabrator opted for the latter and decided to make the investment in the start of their system.

Since multiple voice channels would be needed in the final solution, we also recommended a Procom 2-channel antenna combiner which solved the issue of needing multiple antennas.

The amount of equipment required was starting to mount up, it was all housed in a nice and neat wall-mountable rack mount cabinet with a lockable door. One key is given to the client to ensure they have access to the cabinet for emergencies. The other key stays with us at Radiotronics H.Q. so that we will always have the spare if needed.

Here’s what the wall mount cabinet looks like:

Here’s the list of what’s in the cabinet. All of these items are available from stock, except the combiner which takes 3-6 weeks as it’s made to order.

Build Plan – Here’s The Technical Bit

Repeater & Power Supply

The Hytera RD985S repeater, which is the XPT-ready version (RD985-non-S is not XPT possible) does not not have an internal power supply. Therefore an external power supply is required. We opted for the Samlex SEC-2125G Power Supply as it supplies a constant regulated 20-25A of current. But in order to rack mount the PSU, the Single Unit 19″ Rackmount Kit was also required.

Repeater & Combiner

As one would expect the Hytera RD985S has both a N-type TX and RX connector on the back panel. That means that N-Type patch leads were required to connect all 4 sockets to the combiner. There’s a notable amount of loss in the combiner itself. In order to minimise further loss by insertion, we used LMR195 cable with 50 ohm tuned crimped N-Type connectors finished with heat-shrink.

Wall Mounting

Wheelabrator did not need the rack cabinet installing on the wall at it’s temporary initial location. However, wall brackets were provided as it did need wall mounting at it’s final destination once the facility was fully complete. Our rackmount cabinets come with a pair of wall brackets that can take up to 60Kg of weight inside the cabinet (provided the cabinet is fixed onto a solid brick wall using suitable anchor bolts).

Two-Way Radio Choice

Wheelabrator’s portable radio requirement was the capability of individual calls, lone worker. But most importantly, transmit interrupt, future XPT-compatibility and they must be lightweight. Only one radio fits the bill. The Hytera PD600 series is both lightweight and XPT-compatible.

There are three radios starting with the PD605 which is the non-display version. The PD605 can receive individual calls but making individual calls is challenging. So that leaves the PD665 and PD685. They’re the same radio with the PD685 having a complete telephone-style keypad. To easily make individual calls, as long as the radio has the recipient in the internal contact list, a full-keypad is not required. That means that the Hytera PD665 is the right fit.

A Note About Carry Cases

It was also important to note that, initially whilst the facility was being built, the site is a building site. In order to keep the radios in as good condition as possible, we recommended that the team at Wheelabrator used carry cases. This will ensure that the radios suffer minimal damage and will still be an a reasonably useable condition when the facility is complete.

If you use a carry case with your two way radio it can mean the difference between you radio lasting a couple of years to a decade or more.

More Information?

For more information about Radiotronics installed radio communications solutions, please contact our sales team by sending an email to sales@radiotronics.co.uk or telephone us on 0345 0 955 955. Currently our installation solutions are only available in the UK and Republic of Ireland.