Analogue radios have been used for business purposes from as far back as the 1930’s, although variations were first used by US soldiers back in World War 1. Many companies today may be still using analogue radios as there is no legal requirement to change over to digital, but the additional benefits of a digital two way radio may be enough to sway you towards an upgrade or migration.

In comparison, a digital system can offer a variety of incentives that will help to improve efficiency and safety of your workforce. A wider coverage area allows for radios to be used freely over larger working environments, whilst also having clearer communications at these distances due to the digital voice. Multiple conversations can be had at once using these radios, this allowing for a second channel to be monitored by an entire team for important announcements or instructions.

Should you already have existing radios that are fully operational and not in need of being replaced, there are many radios that are both analogue and digital compatible allowing for a slow migration. With your new digital radios being programmed to have half analogue and half digital channels, this will allow for your old radios to continue in operation with the new ones up until the point where they are replaced, then allowing for the analogue channels to be replaced by further digital.

Here are a few radios and repeaters that may be used in order to help complete a digital migration, although your options may be limited based on the existing system that you have in place.

Kenwood TK-D240/340
The TK-D240/340 are the UHF and VHF versions of Kenwood’s leading two way radio. Available to be used with both analogue and digital signalling types, this radio is unique in the fact that it is capable of recieving both types to the same channel, something that is not a possibility with many other radios. DMR TDMA is a technology that allows several users to share the same frequency channel by dividing the signal into different time slots. The Kenwood TK-D240/340 has a 32 channel capacity, but also has a selectable 16 channels using the channel stopper feature. Built to MIL-STD-810 (C/D/E/F/G) this also aids to the radios reliability, noting that it has been tested in harsher working environments whilst maintaining the same level of operation.

Motorola DP1400
The DP1400 is one of Motorola’s most popular radios, a direct replacement for the CP040, the DP1400 is a mainstay in many workplaces due to its reliability and ruggedness. IP54 Ingres Protection means that the DP1400 is protected not only against dust intrusion but splashes of water, meaning that the radio is suitable for a variety of working conditions. 2 Programmable buttons allow for the radio to be personalised to the users’ needs, allowing for quick access to features that may be important within the workplace. 16 Programmable channels allow for sufficient communications between teams, allowing for a split between analogue and digital channels means that the radio is ideal for a migration system. The Motorola SLR5500 is a repeater that can be used to help complete n analogue to digital migration process.

Hytera PD405
The PD405 is a radio allowing for analogue to digital migration from Hytera. A robust and reliable radio, the PD405 is a simple communication solution that is easy to operate whilst being ideal for a variety of industries. Ideal for an analogue to digital migration, the PD405 is packed full of features to help improve both efficiency and safety of the workforce, features include an emergency mode and pre-programmed quick text messages. IP55 rating means that the radio has a limited Ingres protection against dust whilst also being safeguarded against splashes of water, this allows for the radio to be used in outside environments or conditions where the radios may be subjected to damp. A 32 channel capacity allows for the radio to be parted into analogue and digital channels, giving the PD405 to be used as part of a migration process from analogue to digital. The Hytera RD625 is a repeater that can be used to help complete an analogue to digital migration process.

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