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Ofcom has recently announced 6 additional channels to the Ofcom Simple Site Licence meaning that the licence now covers the use of a repeater.

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You can read the exhaustive document here. This page summarises it and what this means for the Simple Site Licence.

Ofcom’s Simple Site Business Radio Licence is the licence most businesses use when they only require business radios to be used within their own building or grounds. Ofcom Simple Site Licence enables businesses to get up and running with business radios without the complexity of going through the Technically Assigned business radio licence process. An application for a Ofcom Simple Site Licence is more of a purchase than an application because almost no-one will ever be refused.

Ofcom Simple Site Licence allocates a number of general business radio frequencies (channels) which, as mentioned above, can only be used at the site which the licence is granted to. How far away from that site is debatable – but we’ve always advised no more than 800 yards outside the site.

Current Frequencies

  • HF – 26.23275-26.865MHz, Not exceeding 12.5kHz, Max ERP 2W
  • Low Band – 49.0-49.4875MHz, Not exceeding 12.5kHz, Max ERP 2W
  • High Band VHF 159.6375-164.2MHz, Not exceeding 12.5kHz, Max ERP 2W
  • UHF – 459.05-459.750MHz , Not exceeding 12.5kHz, Max ERP 2W

New Repeater Channels

The new repeater channels are as follows. All of these channels are 7MHz split, restricted to 2W ERP for both base and mobile, 12.5kHz and a base antenna height of 15M.

  • TX 451.5125 RX 458.5125 MHz
  • TX 451.525 RX 458.525 MHz
  • TX 451.5375 RX 458.5375 MHz
  • TX 451.5500 RX 458.5500 MHz
  • TX 451.5625 RX 458.5625 MHz
  • TX 451.775 RX 458.775 MHz

These new channels, in theory give you sufficient room for six repeater channels (12 voice channels in DMR digital mode).

The Bottom Line

The most basic site-based repeater systems can now be installed without waiting for Ofcom to do a survey for a technically assigned site licence. This means for rapid deployment of radio systems that would otherwise have potentially been subject to months of red tape.

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