Hytera is a manufacturer of radio transceivers and radio systems from China, founded in 1993 they have quickly risen to being one of the leading manufacturers of radio equipment across the globe.
Something which you may have missed recently is an end of year promotion from Hytera. The Chinese company is offering free chargers with every radio purchased from them, and if you were to purchase 6 then you receive a free MCA08 six-way charger, worth a massive £150.

There are many notable products which are included in this offer, the PD985 is a device which has an industry first single frequency repeater mode, what this allows is for the radio to act as a repeater and increase the coverage provided. Some newer features included are recording capabilities due to having a Micro SD, Bluetooth 4.0 for audio or data and noise cancellation technology.

The PD795Ex and PD715Ex, with and without a display respectively, are ATEX digital radios which are built to MIL-STD-810G military standard. These can store up to 1024 channels, whilst also holding the ability to send text messages as a second form of communication. With GPS built in and being IP67 waterproof/dustproof these are some of the highest quality military grade two-way radios.

A mid-range radio which is eligible for a free charger upon purchase is the PD565, it is a compact and lightweight but doesn’t lack in any features which set Hytera apart from the crowd. It is IP54 Water Resistant, showcases a limited keypad whilst also having a Tri-Colour status LED.

This deal is only available for a brief amount of time and ends on the 14th December 2017 at 3PM, don’t miss out on this offer. Check out all Hytera radios included in this offer on our website.

Charger Available With
PD4 (PD485, PD405, PD415)
PD5 (PD505LF, PD505, PD565)
PD6 (PD605, PD665, PD685)
PD7 (PD705LT, PD705, PD755, PD785, PD715EX, PD795EX)
PD9 (PD985)