Hytera PD985
The Portable Repeater?

Hytera recently released the PDC760, a ground breaking two-way radio which doubled as a smart phone. Running on an android operating system, this device boasts a 4” Gorilla Glass 3 touch screen, whilst also withstanding a 1.2 meter drop test and being IP67 resistant. You can see our PD760 preview here.
But Hytera have another new radio to the market that is dissimilar to anything else currently available, but not in a bad way. The PD985 is an Analogue/Digital dual mode two-way radio, but what makes this device different is its ability to act as a repeater for other devices. The feature is known as “Single Frequency Repeater Mode”, the way this works is fairly simple. Based on an interference cancellation technique, the PD985 can use one frequency slot to receive a signal and another to transmit it in the same frequency using DMO (Direct Mode Operation) mode to extend the communication distance.

To add to the Single Frequency repeater mode, the device is packed with other features which make it perfect for the majority of working environments. IP68 resistance means that no matter the condition, the DP985 will continue to work seamlessly whether it’s in the middle of the ocean or in a dusty factory. This radio also has many other safety features, this including Man Down and Lone worker, the full catalogue is listed below.

Standard Safety Features                              Optional Safety Features

• Emergency Alarm                                         • Multiple Key Encryption
• Dedicated Emergency Button                       • GPS SMS
• Alert Call                                                       • GPS Location Check
• Man Down
• Lone Worker
• Basic Encryption
• Enhanced Encryption (40Bit)
• Priority Interrupt
• Remote Monitor
• Radio Enable/Disable
• Radio Check
• IP68 Dust/Water Resistant
• Vibrate Alert

The physical features of this two-way radio are impressive to say the least, with an alphanumeric keypad, and a full colour 1.8” high definition display the visual appearance of this device is one of the best available. A 360 Degree Stepless Channel Knob is a new control implemented by Hytera, the design of this was brought about to improve on previous devices, to allow the user to change channels and zones easily and comfortably. With all the features of this device you would expect the battery performance to be affected, but from adopting a new battery saving technology, this has guaranteed longer communication time for the user, an improvement of 33% on the PD785. A Final advantage of the hardware used for this device is the enhanced audio quality, with a maximum 3W output speaker and new noise cancelling technology ensures clear and loud voice communications.


For full pricing on this product, find it on our website here.