Fairmont Hotel, Shanghai
The Fairmont Peace Hotel, which overlooks the Huangpu River in central Shanghai, boasts a history that overshadows any other hotel in the Far East. Restored and reopened in 2010, the Peace Hotel features 270 rooms and suites, offering guests an extraordinary place with unique architecture, expressive decor, magnificent artistry, and top class service in one great location.

Fairmont Hotel, Shanghai

… and The Fairmont Hotel has chosen the Hytera PD365 as their means of staff communications.

The Fairmont Peace Hotel discovered that on a day-to-day basis, staff were often liable to miss call instructions during peak periods, and forgot to trace the call back afterwards. This meant that responses were delayed and customers were not satisfied.

For this reason, the Hotel needed to be equipped with radios that were capable of sending preprogrammed text messages, and could be interconnected with the existing office platform to ensure timely, accurate and convenient call instruction delivery. The message had to real-time, with the ability to view immediately and keep a history of messages.

Furthermore, instructions needed to be delivered quietly (to avoid disturbing hotel customers) in order to upgrade service quality & efficiency. Knowing that Hytera’s DMR series products were powerful and adapted to solve the problems above, Fairmont Peace Hotel invited Hytera to develop a system.

The requirements were as follows:

  • A professional digital communications system complying with the global trend of improving management efficiency.
  • High voice quality when communicating within hotel premises, anywhere, anytime.
  • Can choose different voice call types, including All Call, Group Call and Private Call, according to service requirements.
  • Develop a gateway for wireless interconnection between the SMS communication system and the mail system of the Hotel’s internal office platform.

Enter Hytera PD365 Compact Digital Radio

Hytera PD365

The Hytera PD365 was the perfect solution for The Fairmont Hotel as it meets each and every requirement set out. By dividing the system into several groups, the hotel staff are able to communicate in their own talk groups, but the management can speak to all staff in an ‘all call’ when needed. Furthermore, the Hytera PD365 is able to send preprogrammed text messages and receive full text messages from larger radios such as the Hytera PD785 or a dispatch control room computer.

Hytera PD365 is aesthetically pleasing and lightweight this means that not only is the radio inconspicuous to guests, but also it’s less than 200g and therefore results in far less fatigue when in use.

Finally, the PD365 has the option of a wire-free desktop charger which allows reception staff to keep the PD365 fully charged – day and night.

Hytera PD365 Wireless Charger

All in all the Hytera PD365 is the ideal solution for the The Fairmont Hotel meeting every technical, logistical and aesthetic requirement.

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Story Credit: Hytera.co.uk