Month: November 2017

Hytera PDC760: Digital Radio or Smart Phone?

The PDC760 is a multi-mode advanced radio from Hytera that has been called a revolutionary device in the private/public radio network industry.

The device has all the functionality of the top of the range two-way radios, whilst also having features that match up to some of the leading smart phones worldwide. Running on an Android operating system, this allows the user access to the App Store, receive LTE Data, group calling capabilities and a Cloud Backup system, preventing any data from being lost should the device become damaged or broken.

The likelihood of the device breaking though is extremely slim, Hytera have fitted it with a 4” Gorilla Glass III screen, this being scratch resistant, anti-impact, anti-fingerprint and oil resistant, boasting a service life for the LCD display of over 30,000 hours. Having tested its durability from a 1.2 meter drop, whilst also being IP67 Dust and Waterproof Resistant, this radio can take almost anything that you throw at it.

With all of the different features that the PDC760 boasts you would expect for the shortcoming of this device to be its battery life, but that isn’t the case. Using the 2900 mAh Li-Ion battery which is supplied with the radio you can get up to 14 hours, but this can be boosted by up to 20 hours with the optional 4000 mAh Li-Ion battery. In order to maximise battery performance there is a second black and white screen located on top of the device, this allows for clear information without having to use the main screen, being visable from multiple angles.

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  • Dimensions (H x W x D) – 139.5 x 68 x 25.3mm
  • Weight (With Antenna & Battery) – 378.8g
  • Analog Frequency – 350-527 MHz
  • Channel Spacing – 25/20/12.5kHz
  • IP67 Dust & Water Proof Resistant
  • Shock & Vibration – MIL-STD-810G
  • Battery Life – Standard Battery 14H
    – Optional Battery 20H
  • Operating Voltage – 7.6V
  • Ports – USB 2.0, 20 PIN Accessory/Charging Port
  • Main Display – 4” Capacitive, Touch Screen, Gloves Compatible
  • Top Display – 1” Black & White Display
  • Camera – 13MP Front/Rear Camera
    – Video Recording Quality – Front Camera: 1080p HD up to 30 frames per second
    – Rear Camera: 4K HD
  • Memory – Broadband – 3GB RAM, ROM: 32GB eMMC (128GB with Micro SD Card)
    Narrowband – Expandable to 16GB with Micro SD Card
  • AP Processor – Qualcomm 8-core, 2.0GHz

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SL2600: Introducing Motorola's Newest Portable Two Way Radio

Having just been released by Motorola, the SL2600 is a mid-tier digital two-way radio boasting the features of some current high-end models available.

Priced at £253 before VAT, this new edition is available in both VHF (136 – 174MHz) and UHF (403 – 480MHz). With a slender design, standing at 125.7mm high, 55mm wide and a depth of 22.7mm. The SL2600 stands up and surpasses its little brother, the SL1600. Offering such features as over the air updates – which allows businesses to send entire fleets updates without ever having downtime whilst an update is applied – something which has never been seen on a product at this price range.

> You can buy the Motorola SL2600 now on our main website where you will find up to date pricing and a full list of Motorola SL2600 accessories.

The SL1600 was launched in November 2014 and seen to have advanced technology for the time released, but now exactly 3 years later in November 2017 Motorola has released the much-anticipated big brother, the SL2600. This model has many features which set it apart from its competitors, with a virtual keyboard & display, Bluetooth connectivity, integrated WiFi and the device being systems capable, it is very much a radio fit for modern times in keeping with technological advancements.

With the option to support conventional operation on a single site, or the ability to use IP Site connect, in turn allowing your business to be linked over various locations. It doesn’t matter the scale of your operation, the SL2600 is perfect for any size business’ communications.

Members of the SL family currently include; SL1600 and the SL4000.


  • IP54 Ingres Resistant
  • VHF (136 – 174 MHz) or UHF (403 – 480MHz)
  • 256 Channels
  • System Capability (IP Site Connect & Capacity Plus)
  • Digital or Analogue (DMR, PL/DPL, MDC, 5-Tone)
  • 3W (digital) / 2W (analogue) Output Power
  • 190g Weight (Inc Battery)
  • Dimensions: 125.7 x 55.0 x 22.7mm (HxWxD)
  • PMNN4468A 2300 Li-Ion Battery
  • 13.5 Hours Battery Life – In Digital Mode
  • 11 Hours Battery Life – In Analogue Mode