There are two different models called TC-446 from HYT (Hytera) and this page lists the accessories for the older version.

The HYT TC-446 is the older version and the HYT TC-446S is the newer version – and the only accessories they share are earpieces and programming cables.

Here’s a handy list of accessories for the older version of the HYT TC-446.

Model Description
BH1104 1100mAh NiMH Battery
BH1302 1300mAh NiMH Battery
CH05N03 Single NiMH Charger Pod Only
PS1044 Single UK/EU PSU
CHV09 Single Vehicle PSU
PS7001 6-Way PSU
MCN05 MUC NiMH Only Charger
LCBN43 Leather Carrying Case (Black)
RO05 Hand Strap
BC10 Belt Clip
SM08M2 Remote Speaker Microphone
EHM11 D-Earpiece with in-Line PTT & Microphone
EAM08 Earpiece with on-Mic PTT & Transparent Acoustic Tube
ESM02 Earbud with in-Line PTT
ESM08 Earbud with on-MIC PTT
PC19 RS232 COM-Port Programming Cable
PC26 USB Programming Cable
PC08 RS232 COM-Port Universal Programming Cable