Vertex Standard VX-241 Servicing GuideThis article serves as a guide to what you will need in order to perform a full service and alignment on the Vertex Standard XV-241 PMR446 two-way radio.

The Vertex Standard VX-241 is a licence free radio that’s restricted to the 8 PMR446 analogue frequencies. It has a fixed UHF antenna and is usually supplied with a lithium battery and the option of a single or 6-way charger.

What’s Needed For A Service

At Radiotronics, we offer everything you’ll need to do a full service of the Vertex Standard VX-241 including the service manual, programming software, radio interface box and programming cable.

Order Code Description
EC112U90C Vertex Standard VX-241 Service Manual
CE-141 Programming & Alignment Software
FRB-6 Tuning Interface Box
CT-160 Radio Connection Cable for FRB-6
FIF-12 Programming Interface Box
CT-106 Radio Connection Cable for FIF-12

Refurbishment Parts Required

Whilst you’re servicing the Vertex Standard VX-241 it’s usually good practice to give the radio an overhaul by changing the outer housing, knobs, accessory cover and antenna tube. Here’s a list of what you’ll need to refurbish the Vertex Standard VX-241 two-way radio.

Order Code Description
CS2137101 Vertex Standard VX-241 Front Housing Assembly (Complete)
RA103880B Vertex Standard VX-241 Back Housing
U24110002 Vertex Standard VX-241 Chassis / Housing Screw (2 Required)
RA090600E Vertex Standard VX-241 Plastic Volume Knob
RA091760E Vertex Standard VX-241 Plastic Channel Knob
RA0173500 Vertex Standard VX-241 Accessory Socket Cover
RA1058900 Vertex Standard VX-241 Accessory Socket Seal
U20206007 Vertex Standard VX-241 Accessory Socket Screw (2 Required)
AAF60X101 Vertex Standard VX-241 Belt Clip (CLIP-18)
RA1424600 Vertex Standard VX-241 Belt Clip Screw (1 Required)
RA1443500 Vertex Standard VX-241 IP-Rated O-Ring