The accessories section on our website has been updated to make it a little easier to use and more intuitive. Here’s what’s new.

Step 1 – Click on Accessories

> You can also go directly to our two-way radio accessories section.

The accessories section is now divided into brands. Simply click on to the brand of your radio.

Two Way Radio Accessories

Step 2 – Select Your Model Radio

Once you’ve selected the brand of your two-way radio, you can select the model by simply clicking on it. For this example, we have selected Motorola Accessories page.

Motorola Two Way Radio Accessories

Step 3 – Select The Accessory Type

You can then select the accessory type. For the purposes of this example, we’ve selected the Motorola CP040 Accessories page. On this page, there are batteries, chargers etc., and the user can quickly navigate to that section on the page by clicking the anchor at the top.

Motorola CP040 Accessories