Kenwood TK-D340 VHF & Kenwood TK-D240 VHFWe are pleased to announce the fantastic new entry-tier digital DMR radios from Kenwood are in stock now.

The new radios are Kenwood TK-D340 (UHF) and Kenwood TK-D240 (VHF) which feature true mixed mode – they can operate in either DMR digital or analogue on the same channel by automatically detecting the incoming signal. This feature alone makes the Kenwood TK-Dx40 series the ideal migration companion.

DMR is a relatively new path for Kenwood as the company has previously concentrated on dPMR as well as their own proprietary NEXEDGE platform. Presumably realising that to compete in a competitive marketplace, Kenwood needed a DMR lineup. The Kenwood TK-Dx40 series is Kenwood’s entry-tier contribution to the DMR market with a middle-to-high tier product range being announced in the coming weeks.

The Kenwood TK-D340 (UHF) and Kenwood TK-D240 (VHF) DMR radios have an exhaustive feature-set for an entry-tier product. They’re also priced under £200, at £171+VAT list price which includes a lithium battery and a single charger.

As always, Kenwood has released two models which are TK-D340 which is UHF (~440-470MHz) and TK-D240 which is VHF (~136-175MHz). Other than that the  TK-D340 & TK-D240 are identical.

Kenwood TK-Dx40 Features

  • 32 Channels / 2 Zones
  • Dual Mode (DMR & Analogue on Same Channel)
  • IP55 Ingres Resistant
  • TDMA Dual Slot – 2 Simultaneous Conversations On the Same Frequency
  • 3-colour Status LED (Red, Orange, Green)
  • 5-Tone Signalling
  • Battery Saver Mode
  • Busy Channel Lock-out
  • Compact Design
  • Ease of Operating Use
  • Flash Upgradeable Firmware
  • Lone Worker Function
  • Low Battery Warning
  • 3 Programmable Function Keys
  • QT (CTCSS) / DQT (digital)
  • Talk Around
  • Time-Out Timer
  • Voice Annunciation
  • Windows PC Programming and Tuning
  • AMBE+2 Vocoder (DMR Only)
  • Individual Call with Acknowledgement
  • Single-slot Data Timing
  • 25/20/12.5kHz Channel Spacing

What’s In The TK-Dx40 Box?

  • Kenwood TK-Dx40 Radio
  • KNB-47L Lithium Battery
  • Belt Clip
  • Band-Specific Antenna
  • KCS-35S Charger & UK Power Supply
  • Basic User Guide