Kenwood Rack ChargersWe are pleased to announce that we now stock great value aftermarket Rack Chargers for Kenwood two way radios.

See here: Kenwood Rack Chargers

How do they work?

When a Kenwood Two Way Radio is purchased, it typically is supplied with a single charger. With our rack chargers, you simply screw 6 charger pods down to the unit and plug the power lead into the back of the charging pod.

This means you can easily and conveniently create yourself a 6-way charger for your Kenwood two-way radio by simply attaching your existing charger pods.

We have stocked rack chargers for some time. The Motorola rack charger for Core (Round) Motorola charger pods has been one of our best-selling products.

The KSC-35R version, for the KSC-35 pod, has already arrived and in stock; with the KSC-25R and KSC-31R versions arriving early next week.

Three Versions Will Be Available

  • KSC-25R – For the KSC-25 Pod (KNB-47L Battery)
  • KSC-31R – For the KSC-31 Pod (KNB-29N Battery)
  • KSC-35R – For the KSC035 Pod (KNB-47L Battery)