Motorola 6680702Z01 ToolThere are many reasons you may want to open up your Motorola GP340 which include changing the front cover or cleaning etc.

This article also applies to: GP340, GP330, GP340, GP360, GP380, GP640, GP680, GP344 & GP388.

The good news is that opening your Motorola GP340 is relatively simple. You’ll just need a simple Motorola GP430 Case Opening Tool.

The tool you need is the Motorola 6680702Z01 tool.

This guide is designed to facilitate with changing the front cover when you buy one our Motorola GP340 front cover housing kits.

If you need detailed information you’ll need to download the GP340 service manual.

Front Cover Removal Procedure

This short guide assumes you’ve already removed the battery, unscrewed the antenna and removed the accessory socket dust cover.

All of our GP340 front cover kits come with the internal ribbon flex cable already installed, so here we just concentrate on removing the radio from the cover.

> Note: Fitting the cover is the opposite of this guide.

1. Remove the Plastic Knobs

It’s very important that you remove the plastic knobs on top. If not, this can result in fracturing the knob shafts and cause expensive damage to your radio.

Motorola GP340 & GP344 Knob Removal

2. Remove Chassis From Cover

Be very careful here. This process should be relatively smooth. If you find it’s very tough to do, you’re probably doing something wrong.

Prise the chassis out of the front cover by pushing upwards from the bottom, using the tool mentioned above. Then slide the chassis downward to remove from the front cover. Be very careful that you don’t snag the ribbon flex cable.

Motorola GP340 & GP344 Case Removal

3. Detach the Ribbon Flex Cable(s)

Depending on if you have an option board fitted there will be either one or two ribbon flex cables. You can detach them by very carefully sliding a flat-blade screwdriver under their retaining latch. They should pop up instantly and release the ribbon flex cable. I they do not, do not force them, rethink and reassess.

Motorola GP340 & GP344 Ribbon Flex Cable Removal

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