Motorola 6686533Z01The only way to open a Motorola DP1400 or Motorola CP040 without damaging the casing is by using the correct tool.

The tool you need is the Motorola 6686533Z01 tool.

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If you attempt to remove the casing without this tool you risk damaging the case or, worse, damaging the radio circuit board or chassis.

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Front Cover Removal Procedure

There are just three simple steps to open the casing and potentially change the front cover on a Motorola CP040. The procedure is practically identical on the DP1400.

> Note: This short guide assumes you’ve already removed the battery and unscrewed the antenna.

1. Remove The Knobs

First you must remove the plastic knobs on top. Failure to do this may result in you snapping the volume and channel shafts.

Motorola CP040 Knob Removal

2. Remove the Chassis from the Front Cover

Using the chassis opening tool, starting at the bottom, prise the chassis from the front cover. Be very careful not to strain the front cover housing or damage the chassis. The chassis will prise easily, so if you need to use too much force, you may be doing it wrong.

Motorola CP040 Chassis Removal

3. Remove the Speaker

You can remove the speaker by simply removing the speaker retainer.

Motorola CP040 Speaker Removal

Front Cover Fitting

Simply follow the steps in reverse.