Motorola GP340 ProgrammingDo you need to program your Motorola GP340? Radiotronics sells everything you need to do just that.

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This article also applies to GP320, GP330, GP360, GP380 radios. But this article does not apply to GP640 and GP680 as, whilst they share the same accessory/programming socket, GP6xx radios require different software.

What Do I Need?

We recommend that you go for an after-market USB cable which will make your life a little easier. We’ll concentrate on that option here. But for convenience, we have put details of the genuine programming kit at the end of this article. Note: The GP340 and GP344 have different accessory and programming sockets but they use the same software.

Operating System Compatibility

We have tried and tested ENLN4115 GP Professional Series CPS on both Windows XP and Windows 7. We have also tried it with Windows 10 which also worked well (after a system restart). We’re unsure if it will work on Windows 8. If you try it and find it does work, please email us and let us know.

How To Program A GP340

Wayne Holmes is one of Motorola Solutions’ lead engineers. He has a very useful video on GP Professional Series programming.

Genuine Programming Equipment

Here’s a list of everything you’ll need to create a genuine programming kit. You’ll need a Radio Interface Box and a bunch of other things. This is a serial cable programming kit so you’ll also need a USB to RS232 Cable – which we also sell on our website (click here) for around £20+VAT.

Order Code Description Portable Mobile List Price*
3080369B72 RIB to PC RS232 Serial Cable     £53.00
RLN4008E Radio Interface Box (RIB)     £182.00
EPN4042A RIB Box Power Supply (Out of Stock)     £8.40
RKN4074B Portable Radio (GP340) Cable     £36.00
MDJMKN4123B Portable Radio (GP344) Cable £96.00
GTF374C Mobile Radio (GM340) Front Cable     £31.50
RKN4083B Mobile Radio (GM340) Rear Cable     £36.50
Firmware Upgrade Adapter
HLN9742D Firmware Upgrade Flash Adapter     £69.00

* List Price is Motorola’s published price at the time of writing this article. Please refer to our website for current prices.

Upgrade Motorola GP340 Firmware

If you’d like to upgrade the firmware in your Motorola GP340, you’ll also need a HLN9742D flash adapter which only works with the genuine RIB box (and you’ll need everything in the list above). We’ve tried firmware updates using an aftermarket RIB box, and whilst the aftermarket RB box works for programming – it did not work for firmware updates.