Motorola CP040Motorola DP1400 has completely replaced the Motorola CP040 but the good news is that it shares the same batteries, chargers, antennas and almost all accessories. The only real difference is that the DP1400 is a hybrid analogue & digital radio (depending on the model you buy). Nevertheless, the batteries and chargers are the same.

Here’s the complete list of batteries and chargers for the CP040 and DP1400. Current models are shown at the top and discontinued models are shown below.

Current Batteries

This list contains all known batteries available for the CP040 & DP1400 radios.

Battery Chemistry Capacity Style Dimensions (HxWxD mm)
PMNN4251AR NiMH 1400mAh Standard 120.69 x 60.36 x 23.35
PMNN4253AR Li-Ion 1600mAh Slimline 120.94 x 60.29 x 20.61
PMNN4254AR 2300mAh Standard 120.94 x 60.36 x 23.35
PMNN4258AR 2900mAh 120.69 x 60.36 x 23.35
PMNN4259AR 2050mAh Mag One 119.37 x 60.36 x 23.35
Current Chargers

All CP040 & DP1400 batteries fit in these chargers.

Region Single Charger Multi-Charger
Pod PSU Base Lead
UK PMLN5191B PS000037A02 PMLN6600A
Europe PMLN5192B PS000037A01 PMLN6598A
Cancelled Batteries

The following CP040 batteries have been completely cancelled by Motorola and replaced as shown.

Item Description Replacement Notes
NNTN4851A NiMH PMNN4251AR Direct Replacement
NNTN4851A Li-Ion (Slim) PMNN4253AR Direct Replacement
NNTN4497 Li-Ion (High Capacity) PMNN4254AR or PMNN4258AR Direct Replacement
Cancelled Chargers

The following CP040 chargers have been cancelled by Motorola and replaced as shown.

Item Region Charge Ports Replacement
MDWPLN4140 UK Single PMLN5191B
MDWPLN4163 Six PMLN6600A
MDWPLN4139 Euro Single PMLN5192B
MDWPLN4162 Six PMLN6598A

Motorola CP040 Support

We have started a Motorola CP040 Facebook group that you’re welcome to join. The plan is to build a community of Motorola CP040 users to help each other out.