Motorola GP340 Housing Kit
Motorola GP340 Front Cover Kit

One thing that is for sure about the Motorola GP340 is that it’s a rock solid radio – and the outer casing does it’s job very well protecting the radio inside. Unfortunately, this results in the outer casing getting completely battered over the years.

You can buy the GP340 Front Cover kit from our main website.

> To fit the cover, you’ll need a GP340 Case Opening Tool.

If you have a Motorola GP340 that looks a little worse for wear, then Radiotronics have a great solution. We have a great GP340 front cover kit that will make your radio appear new again!

Complete & Ready To Use

Our GP340 housing kit comes complete with internal speaker & microphone, PTT paddle, programmable button rubbers, emergency button rubber, internal control ribbon, top plate and is even supplied with a new volume control and channel switch knob.

Available In Multiple Colours

Motorola GP340 Housing (Black)
Motorola GP340 Black Cover
Motorola GP340 Cover (Blue)
Motorola GP340 Blue Cover
Motorola GP340 Front Cover (Red)
Motorola GP340 Red Cover
Motorola GP340 Front Cover (Yellow)
Motorola GP340 Yellow Cover
We have started a Facebook group to hopefully support owners of the now discontinued Motorola GP340/HT750 series radios: