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Kenwood TK-3201 Batteries & Chargers Explained

Kenwood TK-3201The Kenwood TK-3201, by a long stretch, was one of the best selling “licence free” business-grade two way radios ever made. But when buying batteries there’s a big gotcha and many people buy the incorrect battery. So, what’s the gotacha?

The Kenwood TK-3201T was originally released with a KNB-29N or KNB-53N nickel-metal hydride battery or a KNB-30A Nickel-Cadmium battery; and a KSC-31 charger, which is only capable of charging a Nickel Metal Hydride or a Nickel-Cadmium battery.

Then, because the industry was moving more and more in the direction of Lithium-Ion batteries, Kenwood re-released the Kenwood TK-2301 now as the TK-2301T2 (which meant 2nd generation, not MK2). The T2 generation version was supplied with a KNB-45L lithium-ion battery. The KNB-45L battery has the same radio fitting profile as the old batteries so it will fit a TK2301. However, Kenwood was forced to change the charge profile and so needed to introduce a new charger that was lithium battery compatible.

Therefore to find the correct Kenwood TK-2301 battery, you need to check your charger model and your radio model, not just the radio itself.

New Dual-Profile Charger Released

Kenwood has released the KSC-43 charger which is able to charge both the 1st generation Ni-Cd and NiMH, and 2nd generation Li-Ion batteries as it has a dual charging profile. If you have a fleet of TK2301 and you have some with KNB-29N/KSC-31 and some with KNB-45L/KSC-35S charger, we recommend you only buy the KSC-43 charger to cover all bases.

Trivia: The Kenwood TK-2301 is a discontinued radio and was eventually replaced with the TK-3301. The TK-3301 takes the KNB-45L lithium battery and the KSC-35S charger. TK-3301 has also now been replaced with the Kenwood TK-3501. The TK-3501 takes an entirely new battery, but does fit the KSC-35S charger.

Reference Table

Radio Charger Compatible Batteries
TK-3201 PMR446 Licence Free
TK-2202 VHF Licensed
TK-3202 UHF Licensed
KSC-31 Original Batteries:

KNB-30A Ni-Cd 1100mAh
KNB-29N NiMH 1500mAh
KNB-53N NiMH 1400mAh

or Compatible Batteries:


KSC-35/S Original Batteries


or Compatible Batteries:


TK-3301 PMR446 Licence Free
TK-2302 VHF Licensed
TK-3302 UHF Licensed
TK-3501 PMR446 Licence Free
TK-2000 VHF Licensed
TK-3000 UHF Licensed


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Motorola GP340 12-Way Charger

Motorola GP340 12-Way Charger

One of the only 12-way chargers in the UK, Radiotronics is a stockist of the Motorola GP340 12-Way charger.

Versatile (Choose your inserts)

The one shown here is our 12-way charger configured for the Motorola GP340 series radio but we can offer this charger for almost any Motorola two way radio. You can even mix-and-match and have some pods for the GP340 and other for other radios. Ideal for the migration to digital or if you have a number of mixed radios.

> View on our main website – where you will find a compatibility list of radios and batteries.

Value for Money

Sitting on the same footprint as a Motorola IMPRES 6-way charger, our 12-way GP340 charger takes up th same space yet can charger double the amount of batteries – and this 12 way is cheaper than two Motorola six way chargers.

> You can buy the Motorola GP340 12-Way Charger on our main website.


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