PMR446 is the EU band for licence free low power two way radio use.

There are 8 frequencies  allocated for analogue radios, 16 frequencies for dPMR digital radios and 8 frequencies allocated for DMR digital radios.

Licence Free channels are only to be used on licence free certified radios. These usually have a fixed antenna but only put out 500mW (0.5W) of power.

We have two sections on our website for licence free two way radios:

> Licence Free Two Way Radios (Business Grade)
> Licence Free Walkie Talkies (Leisure Grade)

It is illegal to program and use high power business radios on PMR446 channels unless you can find a way to restrict their power to 500mW. There is currently no high power business radio that can be restricted to less than 1W – therefore no professional grade high power business radios that can be legally programmed to operate on PMR446 channels.

PMR446 Analogue Channels

There are 8 allocated PMR446 analogue licence free channels. They are to be used with 12.5 kHz spacing when programming your radio.

If your radio supports CTCSS or DCS codes, you can utilise CTCSS or DCS codes to reduce the chances of interference. Using CTCSS / DCS codes do not stop other radios user from hearing you, but they will stop you from hearing unwanted interference and other radio users who do not have the same CTCSS or DCS code. CTCSS and DCS are not privacy, they’re just useful for blocking out interference.

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PMR Channel Frequency (MHz)
1 446.00625
2 446.01875
3 446.03125
4 446.04375
5 446.05625
6 446.06875
7 446.08125
8 446.09375

dPMR446 Digital Channels

These channels are for use with dPMR radios such as the Icom IC-F29DR and Kenwood TK-3401D.

dPMR446 Channel Frequency (MHz)
1 446.103125
2 446.109375
3 446.115625
4 446.121875
5 446.128125
6 446.134375
7 446.140625
8 446.146875
9 446.153125
10 446.159375
11 446.165625
12 446.171875
13 446.178125
14 446.184375
15 446.190625
16 446.196875

DMR Channels

The following channels are for use on DMR radios. If your radio supports dual time slot, you can also use TDMA to create two voice channels per frequency.

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DMR Tier I channel Frequency (MHz)
1 446.10625
2 446.11875
3 446.13125
4 446.14375
5 446.15625
6 446.16875
7 446.18125
8 446.19375