Motorola CP040Motorola have announced the cancellation of the popular Motorola CP040 in favour of the recently released Motorola DP1400. The cancellation notice also includes some lesser known radios from the CP Commercial Series: CP040, CP140, CP160, CP180.

The announcement follows Motorola’s release of the DP1400 in September last year where Motorola positioned the DP1400 as the replacement for the CP040.

Motorola have said that all orders for CP Commercial Series must be made before 10th November 2014.

Originally the CP040 was to be discontinued in February 2015, however, this has been brought forward. Motorola says:

In February, Motorola issued an Intention to Cancel Notification for Commercial Series radios. Due to higher than expected global demand, there is a risk that stock may deplete prior to the previously issued last order date, hence the last order date is being brought forward from February 2015 to November 2014.

Motorola CP040 Support

Whilst we cannot offer technical support for self-repair or self-programming this radio, we have started a Motorola CP040 Facebook group that you’re welcome to join. The plan is to build a community of Motorola CP040 users to help each other out.