Motorola have today announced that the CP040 charger will be replaced as follows.

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This covers the following radios: CP040, CP140, CP160, CP180, CP200 & CP200D

Item Region Charge Ports Replacement
NNTN8351A UK Six PMLN6600A
NNTN8352A Euro Six PMLN6598A

Motorola have stated that the last order date for the old charger models is 17th February 2014 after this time only the replacement model will be available to order.

Design Change

The old charger resembled (but is not) an IMPRES charger.

Motorola NNTN8355A


Whereas the new charger is “soldiers in a line” design.

Motorola CP040 Support

We have started a Motorola CP040 Facebook group that you’re welcome to join. The plan is to build a community of Motorola CP040 users to help each other out.