By far, the quickest way to program an analogue radio is to clone an existing radio. But that usually means buying an expensive programming kit and software. With the Motorola CP040, there’s an easier way – Radio-to-Radio clone using the PMKN4003B cloning lead.

Warning: This only works with the PMKN4003B lead. Using any other lead will likely damage your radios. The official radio-to-radio cloning lead for the Motorola CP040 is PMKN4003B which you can buy on our website.

Radio to Radio Cloning Procedure

Relevant to: CP040, CP140, CP160 & CP180

  1. Turn off source and target radio; then connect cloning cable to side connector of each radio.
  2. Turn on target radio.
  3. Source radio – Simultaneously press and hold side buttons 1 and 2 (below PTT paddle);
    then turn on radio. Both radios produce a “clone-entry” tone.
    Display radios will show CLONING (source radio) and PROGRAM (target radio).
  4. Release both side buttons of source radio. The electronic transfer begins and will take less than one minute.
    When cloning is completed, the source radio produces a “clone-exit” tone (and displays CLN CMP on CP160 & CP180).
    Both radios reset themselves.
  5. Turn off source and target radio; then dis- connect cloning cable from each radio. 6. Turn on source and target radio for normal operation.

You can also download the PMKN4003B User Guide

Motorola CP040 Support

Whilst we cannot offer technical support for self-repair or self-programming this radio, we have started a Motorola CP040 Facebook group that you’re welcome to join. The plan is to build a community of Motorola CP040 users to help each other out.